Saturday, January 3, 2015

Favorite Outfits of the Day from 2014!

Hello Kittens and Happy New Years!

I hope you all had a good Holiday season. I wanted to kick start the blog this year with an outfit round up of my top ten favorite Outfits of the Day from 2014 :)

In chronological order, looking back on the year:

1) Trashy Diva Streetcar dress in Brown and Purple Plaid
from January 26

2) Rock Steady Anna dress
from March 9 

3) Separates, Darling sweater top, Collectif Herringbone skirt
from April 27 

4) Heart Of Haute Matey dress in Raining Cats
from June 3

5) Hell Bunny Gabriel dress in Black and White Stripes
from July 8

6) Bettie Page Cruiser dress
from July 9

7) Trashy Diva Norma Jean dress
from August 4

8) Pinup Girl Clothing Netti dress in Squirrel Sateen
from September 10

9) Stop Staring Timeless dress in green with Trashy Diva Courtney Dress Coat
from October 20

10) Pinup Girl Clothing Havana Nights dress in Warm Cabana Stripes
from October 27



  1. You look so great in every look! My fav one on you is the first one- the Streetcar dress! I also love your hair like that :)

    1. Thank you so must Bristol!!!! The Streetcar in plaid is definitely one of my all time favorite dresses! I love neck bows! :)

  2. Great outfits! I especially like the Bettie Page cruiser dress and the pinup girl clothing dresses!! xo

    1. Thanks Camilla! The Bettie Page Cruiser dress is so comfortable too!!! It almost feels like I'm wearing a nightgown though it definitely doesn't look it! :) And after these relatively recent finds from Pinup Girl Clothing and some scores I made from them on Black Friday my love of PUG has been completely rekindled! ;)

  3. what fab outfits! I adore them all. I see quite a few dresses that I was crushing on myself

    retro rover

    1. Thank you Katherine <3 I love dress crushes and have quite a few myself from you blog! :)

  4. I still think the stripe dress with the beret is the winning combination for me! CC x

  5. I love that Trashy Diva dress, I saw it on someone over the summertime and I've been obsessed. I was looking to get the jacket is it worth the price tag? I have never made a purchase at trashy diva. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Ashley! Thank you for checking out my blog :) I love Trashy Diva! They are my absolute most favorite vintage reproduction brand... my favorite brand in general actually. It took me a while to make my first TD purchase but after the first purchase it didn't take long to make the second ;) I have a hard time with their prices so for full price I couldn't really recommend buying the jacket as the jacket is one of their higher priced items. I found this jacket on on sale and even then was splurge item for Christmas last year. I would say like them on facebook and sign up for their email list and wait for sales! They don't have sales as often as Pinup Girl but they do happen a couple times a year. My favorite sale of theirs is of course their black friday sale where everything is 30% and their sale on sale which usually happens twice a year. :D

  6. Such gorgeous prints, I love your style. I missed a number of these looks over the course of last year so it was great to see them here.

    1. Thank you Imogen! And I'm glad to know that this post actually had a sort of purpose and wasn't just over self-indulgence :) hehe.