Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Tyme for Tea

Early March on a fine sunny day in Northern California...

Sounds like an opportune time for a tea outing! I got to spend the morning with a long lost friend of mine from high school, Julianne! What a perfect way to catch up, take a break, and spend a good, relaxing time with an old friend.

Things were a little hoppin' at Tyme for Tea in the Niles district of Fremont the morning we were there... but really when is it ever not? Hustle and bustle were going on amidst our little sanctuary of our tea table. Still, I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable morning. Good time, spent with a good friend, with a hot pot of tea and plenty of savories and sweets to munch on!

And boy was there a lot of tea going on today!

My most trusted go-to tea place, Tyme for Tea, Niles, Fremont, CA

Like a blank canvas, our place setting waiting for us

Warm pot of White Chocolate Mousse Tea

First course, scone!!

Savories course


At Tyme for Tea with Julianne!


It was a lovely tea today. For the tea selection I picked a White Chocolate Mousse Black Tea while Julianne picked a Cinnamon Rose Tea. I knew my black tea was going to give me the jitters but I could not resist the sweet yummy flavor of a chocolate tea calling to me! Our first course for tea was blueberry scones with cream, lemon curd, and raspberry preserves. For the savories course (my favorite!) we were presented with chicken walnut tea sandwiches, cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches, mini mushroom turnovers, jalapeno and cheese crostinis, and a savory puffed pastry pinwheel. For the desserts course we had maple sugar cookies, petite fours, and white chocolate covered flaky peanut butter honeycomb balls.

After our tea we sauntered through the store a little, dilly-dallying. I became enamoured with some color saturated tea cups and saucers by Grace Tea Ware. Maybe next time I come in I will pick myself one of two of these lovely cups to take home (if they still have them) though it will take some considering which color or colors to chose. They are all so beautiful! I did pick up a lovely tea for one set in a teal blue with tiny red and yellow flowers on it. For as many teapots and tea sets I have this is only my second tea for one set... and only my first tea for one set if you don't include a one cup tea for one Alice in Wonderland set I got from ebay which was listed as a sugar and creamer to go along with a larger 4 cup Alice in Wonderland teapot...

Anyhow, aren't the colors on these cups and saucers gorgeous! 

Color saturated cups and saucers by Grace Tea Ware

More color saturated cups and saucers by Grace Tea Ware

Maybe the loveliest... Julianne's favorite of the color saturated tea cups and saucers

After our morning and afternoon at Tyme for Tea I went for a stroll down Niles Blvd. to take a peak in my favorite stores, My Friends and I a few stores down, and at the end of the boulevard, Suda Mae Antiques. At My Friends and I, I adopted an orange cat (statue).

At home I enjoyed another cup of tea (decaf) with my leftover sweets in my new Grace Tea Ware tea for one.

Tea for one by Grace Tea Ware

Tea For One by Grace Tea Ware, Floral Cat Plate- Urban Outfitters

Outfit of the Day:

And as I like to, let us end the post with the outfit of the day!

Today I wore my Steady Anna dress which I got a while back from DaddyO's, and a cropped navy knit cardigan from Modcloth. To finish off this look I had a vintage navy purse from Etsy, Blowfish navy flats, and a cat brooch from ebay.

Steady Anna dress- Front View, Wolfgang View!
Steady Anna dress- Front View

Steady Anna dress- Side View, CC Back View

Steady Anna dress- Front View, Wolfgang Back View

Steady Anna dress- Side View

Cat Brooch Close Up

I don't know what was going on this morning with my cats. They were being active this morning! :)


  1. It looks like you and your friend had a wonderful time! The afternoon tea looked delightful, you can't beat a decent cuppa and a bit of good cake. Those saturated colour teacups and saucers are very unusual, I like them a lot! P x

    1. Hi Porcelina! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Yes, having tea is always so much fun!! And you are completely right about not being able to beat a decent cuppa and a bit of good cake! Yum! I love those saturated color teacups! I think the pink might be favorite. It's just the craziest pink! But really all those colors are just so great! Also, I love that you changed your profile picture to your Hitchcock Heroine pic! Very nice! :)