Thursday, October 20, 2016

Watercolor Workshop at the Dancing Cat!

This past weekend I got to go to a watercolor workshop with a friend at the Dancing Cat in San Jose

While art was one of my favorite subjects in school and I was sure to try and take as many classes as I could, watercoloring is something I had absolutely no experience with so I was excited to try this workshop out. Not to mention that I haven't been to the Dancing Cat since they reopened several months ago and so I was excited to re-check this place out.

The Dancing Cat is like a cat cafe minus the coffee. It's really more like a club house for cat lovers which provides a comfortable home for several homeless and family-less cats while they wait for their new forever home. You can see my previous visits to this cat cafe here, here, and here. While they changed a few aspects of the place, the spirit of it remains the same. It was great getting to see all their cats running around freely and lounging away like there's no tomorrow.

As for the workshop, I thought it was very well organized. We arrived a little early and was able to grab some coffee at a nearby coffee shop before getting started. When it was time and we walked into the Dancing Cat, the large center table they have was decked out and ready with all the necessary supplies we would need for the event. The instructor Frances Marin was very informative and helpful keeping instructions simple and yet making it easy enough for us to feel comfortable to just jump right in. Once we got started and throughout the workshop she would come around to each of us giving us individual feedback, suggestions, and encouragement. Periodically she would give further instructions to the group in general to help us along in our work. While it seemed that everyone was working at a different pace, I never felt rushed or discouraged if I was at a different place or working in a different pace from the other students in the workshop. Frances Marin was great with leading this workshop knowing that everyone works at a different speed. Also, I don't think the cats played a small insubstantial role in keeping us calm or giving us necessary distractions when we needed it. The Dancing Cat was very smart as well in selecting some very nice calming jazz to play in the background during the workshop. 

Overall, I had a great time at the Dancing Cat and at this workshop! I'd love to do the workshop again if they offer it again in the future. In any case, I will be sure to be back for visits with the cats. 

The Dancing Cat, San Jose, CA

Colorful fun ambience at the Dancing Cat, San Jose

Art work and comfortable couches for the cats and humans at the Dancing Cat

Adoptable cats currently available

The table set up and ready for us for our watercolor workshop

Watercolor station for one

Kitty wants to join in

My watercolor station set up. My inspiration, my sweet girl Murkurie

Another cat says he's ready to join in

This one got tired. Says time for a nap

And a little bit of a drink

Lounge cats at the Dancing Cat

Look at that luxurious tail!

End of the watercolor workshop

Me with my masterpiece ;)

Murkurie on bed with Murkurie on wall

If you missed it, you can check out the Outfit of the Day post from this adventure here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Outfit of the Day: Spooktacular Separates!

I had a super busy weekend last weekend in the best of ways!

Outfit of the Day (Saturday):

On Saturday I went out with a friend to the newly reestablished Dancing Cat Cat Cafe in San Jose (welcome back Dancing Cat!) where we spend the morning taking a watercoloring workshop and painted some cats! (More about that in my next post ;) ). Later that evening, after the watercoloring workshop I went out with Tim to our local Halloween haunted house, Fear Overload, and got our Halloween fix for the day. After that we went to the local 80's arcade to end the evening playing some games.

It was expected to rain off and on that day and I wasn't really in the mood to don on a dress for the watercoloring workshop so instead I opted for a sweater and ankle trouser set. I just got this Lucy Fur Halloween cat sweater by Sourpuss from Cats Like Us a few weeks ago. They had initially sold out in my size and one of the owners, Julie Ann, was super awesome enough to notify me when they got my size back in stock after someone returned one. And for those that missed it and have been looking, Cats Like Us recently got a full shipment of reorders of this sweater in stock! I paired this sweater with a pair of ankle trousers by Myrtlewood which I bought several years ago from Modcloth. I wore this with a pair of basic black flats and for a finishing touch, a pair of cat earrings by Rosita Bonita which I bought from Trashy Diva last year.

Sourpuss Lucy Fur Vintage Cat sweater and Myrtlewood ankle trousers- Front View

Sourpuss Lucy Fur Vintage Cat sweater and Myrtlewood ankle trousers- Side View

Rosita Bonita cat earrings- Close Up

Outfit of the Day (Sunday):

On Sunday another friend and I had plans to go out for tea at one of my favorite tea places, Tyme For Tea in Fremont-- look out for that post coming soon! :)

It was another rainy day, this time pouring raining, but I didn't let that stop me from getting dolled up in a fun creepy theme for October tea. For the occasion I knew I wanted to wear my Venus Fly Trap skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing which I bought from them earlier in the year. To give the skirt extra fullness I also added a crinoline under my skirt which I got for cheap from Amazon last year. I wore this with a basic black sweater which I got from a small boutique shop in Australia several years ago, an Elvira cardigan by Kreepsville which I got as a gift from my husband last week, and a pair of trusty basic black flats. For a finishing touch I wore this with a pair of spider web tights which I've had for several years but forgot where I bought them from (maybe Hot Topic?). I also wore this with a black hair flower I bought a couple years from our local vintage shop, Vintage Alley, and a pair of spider stud earrings, also bought from Vintage Alley a couple years ago.

Pinup Girl Clothing Venus Fly Trap skirt and Kreepsville Elvira cardigan- Front View

Pinup Girl Clothing Venus Fly Trap skirt and Kreepsville Elvira cardigan- Front View

Pinup Girl Clothing Venus Fly Trap skirt and Kreepsville Elvira cardigan- Side View

Pinup Girl Clothing Venus Fly Trap skirt and Kreepsville Elvira cardigan- Back View

Pinup Girl Clothing Venus Fly Trap skirt and black sweater- Front View

Pinup Girl Clothing Venus Fly Trap skirt and black sweater- Front View

Pinup Girl Clothing Venus Fly Trap skirt and black sweater- Side View

Spider stud earrings- Close Up

Pinup Girl Clothing Venus Fly Trap skirt and spider web tights- Close Up

Fox- Close Up

Monday, October 17, 2016

Help for Jessica

Logging into my blog account this morning and reading through all the new blog posts of bloggers I follow that I missed over the weekend, I was struck by sad news from a blogger I love to follow

I am so saddened to hear about the news of a fellow blogger and a dear sweet lady I have come to consider a friend, Jessica Cangiano of the blog Chronically Vintage. You can read her post here. On October 13, a day before her 12 year wedding anniversary, she and her family became victims of an arson fire that spread to their home destroying absolutely everything they owned including her entire vintage collection, everything from her Etsy shop, and tragically also the life of her dear cat Stella!

For someone who has lost absolutely everything please consider donating even just a little. Donations could be made here:…

or if you would like to donate items or care packages you can find where to sent them to here:

Big hugs to Jessica Cangiano!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Halloween Ready!

Glorious, gorgeous, wonderful Fall!

It was hot as heck around my parts the weekend I put out our Halloween decorations during the beginning of the month but I didn't let that stop me from reveling in the fact that it was now officially Fall for us in the northern hemisphere and that it is Halloween month all month long!

I like to add a little Halloween to just about every room in the house and so taking out some decorations from storage and adding a bit of new items I got from Amazon and Joann's earlier this month I got to decorating! I hope you enjoy these photos!

Freddy and little Timmy hanging out on the window seat

Mood dining for the dining room

A touch of vintage Halloween for the kitchen

More vintage Halloween for the kitchen

Hello, Mr. Bones

The cats left us trophies ;)

Bat friend watching over us as we sleep

Two friends for the bath

A friendly ghost haunting in the bathroom

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dress Review: Visions of Venice

At long last the return of Trashy Diva's Circle Day dress is here!!!

There are many Trashy Diva dresses that are regulars and semi-regulars on Trashy Diva's dress cut rotation (with good cause)-- the 40's, l'amour, Lena Sarong, Annette (including the variations of Annette-- Annette mini and Anne), the Honey (including the Honey Sun variation), for example. However, there are also dress cuts that seemed to have only popped up for a handful of prints back in the day which haven't seen the light of day for years (I'm looking at you Dixie, just recently re-released Hopscotch, and Circle Day dress)! The Circle Day dress is perhaps my most #1 wished for comeback dress. Looking at pictures of this fabled cut I imagined it to the most perfect, most wonderful cut ever known to 50's style reproduction. Seriously! The Trashy Diva Circle Day dress features a full circle skirt and a bust friendly modest friendly bodice. The bodice features a large collar and charming decorative black front buttons with rhinestone centers. Because the buttons are only decorative you get the visual appeal without having to deal with button gaping! This dress also has the appearance of cap sleeves from its long shoulder seam providing not only a cute look but also fuller coverage at the shoulders. The bodice is darted to keep things fitted while a hidden side zip allows one to get in and out of this dress without breaking up the single panel of fabric and thus an uninterrupted view of the print in the back. Well ladies, it's finally happened! Trashy Diva's Circle Day dress is finally back! As is the previously re-released Hopscotch (you can see my review of the Hopscotch in Hourglass here).

While I would have really liked the Circle Day dress to come out in a cotton voile or stretch cotton (as it mostly did in the past), I am so super ecstatic that this cut has made a long awaited return in any fabric. The last time this dress cut was released by Trashy Diva was, I believe, in 2008 with the Butterflies and Cool and Warm Watercolors prints. That's almost 10 years ago! When I saw that this dress was back I had it added to my cart and paid for that morning! And when I finally got my hands on it, it did not disappoint!

To be completely honest, this dress could have come out in almost any print or solid, and in any fabric choice and I would have been one of the first in line to get it. It's just an added bonus to me then that this dress came out in a wonderful new print, Venice Nights.

Venice Nights is the first print in Trashy Diva's new annual Tourist Print Collection. It's a 1940's inspired novelty print depicting scenes of gondolas going down the canals of Venice with bridges, buildings, and lights all playing off in the background. The dominate color of this dress is true blue while the Venice scenes display an abundance of red, mustard yellow, black and white. The fabric on this dress is a super soft stretch rayon. It has the feeling of wearing the most luxurious comfortable pajama yet has a very polished look with great drape to the skirt. This dress, while has all the features expected of the Circle Day dress listed above, also features one pocket to store items.

I got this dress in my usual size 10. It is probably possible that I could have sized down but I was worried that sizing down would cause pull at the bust. Also, I don't really like my dresses to be super tight. Because this dress came out in the stretch rayon fabric, the skirt has got great drape but it does lose a little of the 50's fullness that other Trashy Diva Circle Day dresses had. I will probably opt to wear this with a petticoat to help emphasize the fullness of the skirt in future wears but to show how the dress is as is, here it is without a petticoat.

Trashy Diva Circle Day Dress in Venice Nights- Front View

Trashy Diva Circle Day Dress in Venice Nights- Front View

Trashy Diva Circle Day Dress in Venice Nights- Side View

Trashy Diva Circle Day Dress in Venice Nights- Back View

Trashy Diva Circle Day Dress in Venice Nights- Close Up

Trashy Diva Circle Day Dress in Venice Nights- Button Close Up

Trashy Diva Venice Nights- Close Up

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Outfit of the Day: Three More Fall Looks for October

Hello Kittens!

It's that time of week again. Another Outfit of the Day roundup is here! :D

Outfit of the Day (Saturday):

Tim took me out for breakfast. I love going out for breakfast especially when it entails eating something super sweet like my white chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and cream cheese frosting were! After breakfast we made a stop by Spirit, the Halloween store which was in the same shopping center as where we went for breakfast. I love browsing through the Halloween store, playing with all the animatronics, and seeing what things they have stocked. I was super happy to find a green and red Freddy Krueger sweater to wear not only around Halloween but also Christmas and year round! We rounded out the morning with a visit to Tim's mom's and then did some errands shopping for things for Tim to use to make his Halloween costume this year.

I just got this Vintage Striped blouse by Voodoo Vixen from Cats Like Us last week and couldn't wait to wear it out! I paired this with a black swing skirt by Steady which I bought from Unique Vintage a couple years ago. For shoes I decided to wear my School Issue saddle shoes which I bought from Zappos earlier this year. For a finishing touch I wore a pair of cat stud earrings by Rosita Bonita which I bought from Trashy Diva last year and also added the Very Eerie Black Bat pin by Lumpy Buttons which I ordered along with the Vintage Stripped blouse from Cats Like Us. I couldn't be more pleased with the way the two look together! <3 Also, I just have to say, I love Cats Like Us! They have such awesome customer service and were so great changing out the size of the shirt for me when I decided to go with a different size after placing my order! <3

Voodoo Vixen Vintage Striped blouse and Steady Swing skirt- Front View

Voodoo Vixen Vintage Striped blouse and Steady Swing skirt- Front View

Voodoo Vixen Vintage Striped blouse and Steady Swing skirt- Side View

Voodoo Vixen Vintage Striped blouse and Lumpy Buttons Very Eerie Black Bat brooch- Close Up 

Outfit of the Day (Saturday Evening):

Later that same day Tim and I went out to a friend's house for a house warming party. We got refreshed and changed before leaving for the evening. I decided to wear my Trashy Diva 40's dress in Mini Fleur for the occasion which I paired with basic black flats and a pair of Halloween cat earrings by Rosita Bonita which I bought from Trashy Diva last year.

Trashy Diva 40's dress in Mini Fleur- Front View

Trashy Diva 40's dress in Mini Fleur- Front View

Trashy Diva 40's dress in Mini Fleur- Side View

Rosita Bonita Halloween cat earrings- Close Up

Outfit of the Day (Sunday):

On Sunday we kind of spent the day wandering around. We started the day going to downtown Pleasanton to go to a vintage and repro houseware store I've been wanting to check out. They carry lots of vintage Halloween items such as reproduction paper mache lanterns. I was hoping I would see some vintage Halloween cat stuff but I didn't see much in the way of cats so I didn't pick anything up. While we were in downtown Pleasanton I was happy to see that we happened to be there during their annual vintage street market. We took the time to browse through some stalls but again didn't end up getting anything. We then went out for lunch at the mall, did a little more window shopping, then went to the 80's arcade by our house. It was a fun day and not bad for just wandering around a bit.

For this day I decided to wear a dress I haven't worn in a while, my Trashy Diva Ava dress in Sketchy Cherries. I paired this with some basic blat flats and a pair of gold colored ball stud earrings I bought from Forever 21 last year. For a finishing touch, I added my Freddy Krueger cat brooch which I bought from the etsy shop, Danielle V Green a couple months ago.

Trashy Diva Ava dress in Sketchy Cherries- Front View

Trashy Diva Ava dress in Sketchy Cherries- Front View

Trashy Diva Ava dress in Sketchy Cherries- Side View

Danielle V Green Freddy Krueger Cat brooch- Close Up