Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tim did it again!

Tim did it again! 

We celebrated our second year wedding anniversary all through the weekend and on our actual anniversary on Monday and Tim surprised me by getting me the Stop Staring Charlotte dress I have been eying. This story actually happened like this....

My New Year's resolution this year has been to pay off my credit card. I have a bad shopping habit as some of you readers might have guessed, but despite my love of shopping for retro dresses I am determined to have the credit card paid off by the end of the year. This may seem impossible for a shopping addict at first glance but I have a plan! My plan has been to only buy dresses when they go on sale or *if* I see that there is only one or two left in my size and it seems imminent that the dress will sell out (something that my favorite shops Cats Like Us and Modcloth are good at letting their customers know). Also, something which I figured should go hand in hand with this restriction is that I would end up paying more on my credit card then charging up. I've been doing alright so far. You might not be able to tell but I have slowed way down in my dress purchases. ;) Though, to kick things up a notch, I decided that I will not buy any dresses in the month of March and maybe possibly for the month of April... now before you think there won't be any dress reviews coming for the next two months I have you covered readers... there are some back log of dresses I want to review for you in the next coming weeks. Anyhow, I digress...

I decided I will not buy any dresses until at least April. I told myself this sometime in the last week of February. But what do you know, the Stop Staring dress I've been wishing for since the end of last Spring when Stop Staring came up with their sneak preview of the their Fall Winter 2013 line went on sale on ebay from Pin-Up Darling (they also have a regular online store here)! And this was not just a 10% or 15% off sale... the sale price on this dress brought the dress down to 36% off, not to mention that this ebay seller was offering free shipping and there would be no sales tax, saving not only an additional 9% from CA sales tax but also saving up to $10 extra dollars from shipping which if you add up all those factors makes this deal more like 46% off the dress! So I could not pass this up. I made the purchase while I still could before they sold out or the sale ended. I felt bad for not sticking to my "buy no dresses until at least April" plan but not that bad seeing as this was a steal of a sale price I was getting. I told my husband Tim thinking he would say "Oh dis wan...." (he calls me dis wan). But instead he really surprised me and said instead, "Tell you what, I'll pay you back for the dress and give it to you for an anniversary present." And this was on top of the second year anniversary present he was already getting me; he got me a new set of towels for the house and I got him a duvet with a kaleidoscope of cats all over it. So sweet, so surprising, of him. It makes me so happy!

Anyhow... I will get to what you're waiting for... pictures of the Stop Staring Charlotte dress!!

Stop Staring Charlotte Dress- Front View

Stop Staring Charlotte Dress- Side View

Stop Staring Charlotte Dress- Back View

Stop Staring Charlotte Dress- Close up of drape and fabric with Murkurie in the background!

Stop Staring Charlotte Dress- backside of fabric and close up of front

The Stop Staring Charlotte dress is a tan and black 1950's style pencil skirted dress. It features a rounded collar, cuffed cap sleeves, and a skinny self belt. I love the well thought-out design of this dress. The covered buttons in the front of the dress mirror the curved edges of the rounded collar beautifully while the Glen Plaid/Prince of Wales Check pattern works well to contrast the overall curved motifs in this dress. The Glen Plaid/Prince of Wales Check furthermore fits perfectly with the dress' 1950's feel, adding an air of sophistication. This dress is made of a poly, rayon, spandex blend. It is a soft material with plenty of stretch. It is reminiscence to the Stop Staring Jackie dress in feel though much smoother and lighter in weight (see Black Friday Sales Dress Reviews). The dress has a back zip and while the front buttons look functional, they actually are not which helps in ensuring there is no front gaping in this tighter fitting dress. This dress fits a little larger than many other Stop Staring dresses I have tried on so if you like a very fitted feel you might want to size down. For me, I prefer dresses to have a little more room in them rather than being super tight and found my usual size large to feel like a great fit for my 38-30-38 5'3" frame.

Also, did you spot the cat earlier? Murkurie was hungry in her earlier shot trying to get my attention. Here she is again full belly on her heat pad being a good kitty :)

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