Tuesday, June 3, 2014

When The Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible Traveling Cat Circus Was In Town!!!

I heard about the traveling cat circus and cat rock band from the Trashy Diva blog. After that I was hooked like a feline on catnip!!!

The Acro-Cats and Rock Cats are truly an amazing, exciting, and fun show!!! Just like the title of this post, the show was amazing, fantastic and incredible! It was the best show I've seen in a long long long long time! The Acro-cats were amazing. They rode on skateboards, jumped through hoops, jumped through smaller hoops, balanced on balls, balanced on balls while walking, scaled ropes, pushed tiny shopping carts, leaped through the air from platform to platform on command over 6 feet in the air, weaved in and out between rods, even played a little bowling. It really was THAT amazing! And there were cats, cats everywhere on the stage!!!! I was truly in crazy cat lady heaven!!!

Then, just when you thought it couldn't get any better than that, the Rock Cats came out. There was a cat playing the chimes, another on the guitar, another on the drums, another on the keyboard, a chicken was playing the tambourine and cymbals, and yet another cat was playing the cow bell! Then there was the cat that sat on the skull thinking the skull was an instrument ;). That makes six cats and one chicken all on stage at the same time performing! My husband leaned over during the show and said to me... "I'm completely over stimulated!" Yep, that was the sentiment perfectly!

If you're in the U.S. and love cats you should definitely check them out... they may just be coming to a town near you. When I first heard about this show from the Trashy Diva blog the show was still something like five months away from being in San Francisco but I marked my calendar and patiently waited for the cats to come. It was completely worth the wait! For those in the area that missed it, never fear! They announced they will be coming back to SF! I'll totally be there again when they come back! This is a show not to be missed!!! Not even for a second viewing! <3

What Are We Getting Ourselves Into?
The Stage Is Set, Let The Mayhem Begin!
Cat Pushing Car

Cat Riding Shotgun While Another Cat Pushes
Cat Jumps From Platform To Girl- Whoops, Forgot To Trim Claws!
Cat Jumps From Girl To Girl
Cat Jumping Through Hoop

Tiny Kitten Scaling Rope

Yay Kitten!
Skateboarding Cat!

Skateboarding Cat!
Leaping Cat!

Extra Small Hoop

Big Cat Jumping Through Extra Small Hoop
Leaping Cat

Leaping Cat Lands Again
Cat Balances On Tube
Cat Pushing Ball

Leaping Cat Through Hoop

Cat Walking On Ball
Cat Walking On Small Ball
My Favorite, Cat Goes Shopping... BIG SALE!
Cat Balances On Skull

Chicken Goes Bowling

Cat Does Not Go Bowling

Cat Goes Bowling
Kitty Mayhem!
Kitty Ringing Bell

And Now... The Rock Cats!!!

Tuna On Cow Bell
Cluck Norris on Cymbals and Tambourine
From Left To Right: Cat On Skull, Cat On Chimes, Cat On Cow Bell, Cat On Guitar, Cat On Drums, and Cat on Keyboard

The Band's All Here, Chicken On Cymbals

More Cats Came! Eight Cats On Stage Plus One Chicken!

Things Are Getting Outta Control! Ha!

Pretty Kitties!
Me with Tuna!

Tim And I With Animal Trainer And Supreme Cat Mama Extraordinaire, Samantha Martin
Tim And I With the Cat Car

Traveling Kitty Tour Bus

Til You Come Back Again Acro-Cats and Rock Cats!! <3

Outfit of the Day:

What would an outing to a traveling cat circus and rock cat band be without cats on a dress? Just not enough cats unless you take some with you!

For this outing I wore my Heart of Haute Matey dress in It's Raining Cats which I recently got from Cats Like Us. You can see my review of this dress here. I paired this dress with a red cardigan, black burlesque-esque type striped tights, and black flats. I also wore my black cat earrings which you can't really see too well in the pictures.

Heart of Haute Matey Dress in It's Raining Cats- Front View

Heart of Haute Matey Dress in It's Raining Cats- Side View

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