Sunday, January 26, 2014

A fine day for a tea

Saturday, January 25th, sun is out. It's an unusually hot day in January in Northern California... 71 degrees! Clear blue skies. It's a fine day for a tea and I'm glad my friends and I have reservations just for that! 

This month Lisa's Tea Treasures in Campbell is having a special Downton Abbey tea to celebrate the new season and return of the show. I figured it would be a great time to check out this tea location. I've been to the Lisa's in San Jose, and the one in Menlo Park before they moved but not to this one in Campbell. Lisa's in Campbell is in the posh biggest little shopping center, the Prueyard which in a way was a treat in itself to go to. 

Upon entering Lisa's we were immediately surrounded by beautiful colorful tea wares and tea accessories galore, giving a taste of the extravagance that awaited us. We had reservations for 11am, right when they open which is when I like it best. They sat us right away. We were the first ones to enter the room we were seated in. It was a lovely little room with 4 tables well spaced out with fun feminine floral wallpaper and lace curtains. The room was very bright and cheerful because of all the windows yet it felt a world away from the parking lot which was just outside. We were seated at the table just next to the window which was bright yet very private because of the lovely lace curtains. The table was already set up beautifully right when we came in with ginger cookies in the cookie jar, lemon curd at the table, and Royal Albert New Country Roses Rose Confetti china already awaiting us. When a tea place serves you with Royal Albert china you know you will be in for a treat! My friend and I both ordered the Downton Abbey tea while our other friend opted for something on their regular menu. The Downton Abbey tea was absolutely delicious and just as pretty as it was tasty. I was so impressed with both the taste and the appearance. I've been to a lot of teas but this one was definitely special in that it was one of the most beautifully presented, well thought out, and creatively paired creations.   

The first course was a warm baked current scone baked to perfection. Wonderfully crunchy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside, it was so full of flavor it was almost a shame to put Devonshire cream, preserves and lemon curd on it... almost but not quite! hehe. This was also served with blackberry and brie salad on a bed of mixed greens artistically drizzled with blackberry jasmine vinaigrette. It was almost too beautiful to eat! For the second course, there was an artichoke chicken florentine soup which was delicious, as well as smoked salmon tea sandwiches, chicken and mint tea sandwiches, and the very unexpected pairing of pear and herbed cream cheese tea sandwiches. Once again the items were presented like works of art and their beauty was on par with their taste. For the last course, there was sticky toffee pudding which was absolutely heaven on a plate. It was served with whipped cream and pairing the warm sticky toffee pudding with the buttery sweet pecan toffee sauce with the whipped cream... it was a taste that was like sugary creamy goodness that melted in your mouth! Sooooo good.

I was very impressed with Lisa's in Campbell. From their friendly, patient wait staff clothed in period costume of black maids outfits with lace aprons, the beautifully presented food, tea, and tea wares, to the rich feminine environment which helped usher in the mood of dainty ladyiness, attention to detail was everywhere! Also, the tea was very relaxing, a great place to sit and unhurridly chat with friends and sip tea while nibbling on treats. While their website says reservations are for two hours we were never rushed even after we stayed past the two hour limit. So far this is my favorite Lisa's Tea Treasures. I will be returning again! 

One of three rooms at Lisa's Tea Treasures in Campbell

Attention to detail is everywhere

My Lady's Respite earl grey floral blend tea in Royal Albert New Country Roses Rose Confetti tea cup and saucer

So happy to be enjoying my tea

A lovely tea with lovely friends Betty and Wendy

 And yet, the day did not stop there! 

While Wendy and I parted ways with Betty for the day, on the way back to Hayward we stopped at the super ritzy and glam shopping center, Santana Row. I love it there! We went to Anthropologie <3 and my new favorite store in Santana Row, Jest Jewels where I picked up a new fascinator I couldn't help but leave the store wearing. Jest Jewels has the biggest selection of the most awesome and most beautiful hats, facinators, hair clips and hair flowers I've ever seen under one roof! The girls in that store are always so friendly and bubbly, an inquisitive, attentive, and lovely bunch of gals! If you're ever in Santana Row this is a not to be missed stop for sure! <3

lol... like two little old ladies out for a day on the town! <3


 And yet, still the day does not end there!

 Before the end of the day was through, we were presented with the opportunity to go to Jack London Square to see comedian Pauly Shore at Yoshi's a venue for live shows well know for jazz as well as a Japanese restaurant and bar. Tim and I had been looking forward to seeing him that night but by chance the friends we were planning on going with couldn't make it so we had an extra ticket. The show was awesome! Pauly Shore was awesome. The comedians opening for him were awesome. And the food was awesome. Also... wouldn't you know it, the tea day continued into the night! Burnt Orange, please! Amaretto, hot earl grey tea, orange slice and whipped cream... tasted a little like a hot toddy.

And before I end this post for the day, let me introduce you to my lovely dress. 

My outfit of the day is a favorite from one of my favorites, Trashy Diva, the Streetcar dress in brown plaid. I wore this dress with my favorite flats, a basic, plain, but oh so comfortable pair of black flats I bought from the Gap outlet, as well as a purple plum leather Franco Sarto handbag with contrasting pink stitching my sister bought from Nordstrom Rack which I later got from her. 

Though they call the material on this dress brown plaid, it definitely is more of a purple plum color. It's a sleeveless dress which features a fully lined full circle skirt, self-lined bodice, high neckline with a matching bow at the neck as well as a self belt. This dress has a hidden side zipper and even has pockets! This amazing dress can be worn three ways: as worn this day as a 1940's style dress with the bow at the neck, you can wear it without the bow at the neck which will accentuate a low plunge slit at the chest which I feel gives the dress a more 1950's style, or with the the bow tied as a head scarf and the neckline unbuttoned which gives the dress either a 1950s or 1970's style depending on how you look at it. Though to note, I have noticed that it seems the 1970's loved to copy the 1940's as much as the 1980's loved to copy the 1950's, so maybe the open collar look is a 1940's look? This is definitely one of my favorite dresses. I love the color as well as the easy wearing feeling of the dress. Also, I love it's versatility in being able to wear it different ways.

Trashy Diva Streetcar dress in brown plaid- whoops forgot the belt!

back view of Trashy Diva Streetcar dress
right view of Trashy Diva Streetcar dress

bow detail of Trashy Diva Streetcar dress

Trashy Diva Streetcar dress with bow as headscarf and open at collar

Headscarf detail Trashy Diva Streetcar dress

C.C. Cookie wants to pose too!

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