Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dress Review: The Bird's the Word

March of last year Trashy Diva put on a March Madness

Trashy Diva proposed to re-release an older print and put it up to a vote to the fans which one it should be.  They selected a few prints at a time and let them go head to head until they had a winner. Then they repeated it again for another round, and then another (or so) until finally the winners themselves went head to head. It was all good fun. Though I do know emotions ran high for a lot of us who would get emotionally invested in hoping "our" print would win. In the end, it was just a super exciting thing to know that Trashy Diva was officially going to release an older print and that they were even proposing that this would be a annual release which they are dubbing their Heritage Collection. After the fun of March Madness, us Trashy Diva fanatics lovers sat on our hands with bated breaths until the print was to be released in the winter of that year. And so, while this post is, late to the actual release of the long awaited print which came out early January, here is my review of the highly anticipated Love Birds print.

Love Birds is everything I had hoped it would be! It is an amazingly beautiful novelty print of pastel birds, flowers, and flowers in cages on a black background. It is an incredibly dainty print which is girly, feminine, and sophisticated all at the same time. Some ladies that I've heard from who have seen this print in the original silk release from Trashy Diva say that this release of the print is even more beautiful because the pastels are so much richer in color. This print (this second time around) came out in the Hopscotch, Gia, Trixie, 40's, Camilla, and Ruby Mini dresses, sizes are going quickly though!

Watching it from its release, the clear favorite of many was the Hopscotch dress, a gorgeous swing style dress with mandarin collar, cap sleeves, decorative buttons at the bust, and flirty back cut out. But for me, because I told myself I need to start only buying one dress per print (if even that many), and because the colorway of this dress reminded me a lot of the previously released Hourglass print which I already have in the Hopscotch dress previously worn here, I decided to go instead with a new to me cut, the Gia dress.

The Gia dress is a perfect cut for emphasizing the feminine girly-ness of this print. It features a full gathered swing skirt, perfect for twirling in! It also features a flattering though modest v-neckline both in the front and back, as well as cute little puff cap sleeves. For extra convenience and ease of wear this dress also has a hidden back zip and pockets! Like a lot of other prints released this past year by Trashy Diva the Love Birds print comes in a super soft smooth stretch rayon. Also, for those that are so inclined, for this print, Trashy Diva paired with UK jewelry designer Rosita Bonita to create beautiful fun matching pieces to go along with this print which includes brooches, earrings, and two different styles of necklaces which feature either the pink birds or blue birds of the print.

Trashy Diva Gia dress in Love Birds- Front View

Trashy Diva Gia dress in Love Birds- Front View

Trashy Diva Gia dress in Love Birds- Side View

Trashy Diva Gia dress in Love Birds- BackView

Trashy Diva Gia dress in Love Birds- Close Up

Trashy Diva Love Birds- Close Up

Trashy Diva Gia dress in Love Birds with matching Rosita Bonita earrings


  1. The Gia is such a great style on you! This print wasn't a must for me, but it is super cute. I love the Rosita Bonita earrings, too!

    1. Thanks Bristol! I really love these Rosita Bonita earrings. So fun that they did a collaboration with this print :)