Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Outfit of the Day: Two outfits over Valentine's and Valentine's day weekend

Hello Kittens

Though this was a while ago, I hope you all had a great Valentine's day.

Over Valentine's day weekend Tim and I went up north to Davis for a friend's birthday. Because it was a long drive up and just a little longer of a drive to get up to the snow I suggested to Tim why not start a little earlier and play a bit in the snow before the party. It ended up being such a fun detour and a great day over the Valentine's day weekend.

Outfit of the Day (Saturday, Valentine's day weekend):

When I was planning on what to wear to the birthday party I knew right away I wanted to wear my Trashy Diva Hopscotch dress in Hourglass! It's got such a great party vibe to me. However, when plans developed and we made decided to also go the snow that day I considered that  perhaps I should wear something else instead. I didn't ponder this long however as I immediately said to myself, "F*** it. Life is short, wear the dress!" And so that is exactly what I did. :)

I paired this dress with a toasty thick black Trashy Diva knit bolero which I got a few months ago from a swap and sell group on facebook, black fleece lined tights which I got last year from Nordstrom Rack, trusty basic black flats (which I changed out of for the snow), and for a finishing touch a pink beret I got from ebay a couple months ago.

Trashy Diva Hopscotch dress in Hourglass- Front View

Trashy Diva Hopscotch dress in Hourglass- Front View

Trashy Diva Hopscotch dress in Hourglass- Side View

Outfit of the Day (Valentine's Day):

Actual Valentine's day fell on a Tuesday this year. I'm not one for putting things off if I can help it so we went out and celebrated on the actual day. Straight after work, I came home and changed into a dress for the occasion and for going out to dinner that night. I decided to wear my Trashy Diva Lupe dress in Forget Me Not floral as for whatever reason that is the dress I was really feeling for the day. It's sweet and elegant without being too fancy or too themey--- though I do surprise myself writing this as I'm usually a sucker for dressing theme!

Anyhow, it was an unusually warm day that day and so I was able to go tightless (finally!) and only needed to wear my super toasty knit Trashy Diva bolero to keep warm that night. As always, when I don't really put much thought into it, I went with my trusty basic black flats. :)

Trashy Diva Lupe dress in Forget Me Not Floral- Front View

Trashy Diva Lupe dress in Forget Me Not Floral- Front View

Trashy Diva Lupe dress in Forget Me Not Floral- Side View

And just for fun, here are some snap shots of Trashy Diva in the snow! <3


  1. Loving the snow photos!! Looked like it worked well layered up. xx

  2. That hopscotch print is amazing and I love the style of it! Yes fun photos of you in the snow, you look to be having a great time! :)

  3. Love the TD snow pics! That cold night ensemble is amazing bc sometimes layering to stay warm with dresses backfires, but you look effortlessly chic there! Love both looks :) XO

    1. <3 Thanks Lauren. I'm glad it worked out. I actually forgot to look in the mirror at what the boots would look like on with this. My thinking there was just flats+snow=nogo :)

  4. Such perfect outfits, I love that your wore the dress to the snow, it looks like you had a lot of fun! Gorgeous comfy Valentine's Day outfit too, so pretty x