Monday, November 16, 2015

Vacation Slideshow: Halloween in New Orleans, Part 3

Hello Kittens! 

Day 5 (Sunday):

The day after Halloween was a grey and rainy one. Tim and I were supposed to start the morning off with a visit to a friend's house across the river. I was really looking forward to visiting with my friend at her house, taking the ferry over there to see her, and having a bite of her homemade treats and a cup of tea over good conversation! Unfortunately Tim and I were both sick with colds by this time and we all decided it was for the best not to go over there and make everyone else sick. So instead we spent the morning walking around nearby Magazine St. When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.. so while it was a drizzly gray day, Magazine St was still an awfully cute street full of boutique shops and nice restaurants and bars. It was a nice relaxing morning just walking around and popping into some shops along the way.

For the afternoon Tim and I had tickets to ride the Steamboat Natchez down the Mississippi River! The Steamboat Natchez is the only fully steam powered boat operating in New Orleans. It was a lot of fun running around the boat, getting a tour of the sites along the river, peeking into the engine room, and watching the huge paddlewheel in the back go! As an added bonus, they had a musician playing the calliope on top of the boat while we were waiting to board and a jazz band playing during the ride!

The Steamboat Natchez

Calliope player on top of the boat

The engine room!

The two broilers, Thelma and Louise!

The steamboat making steam

Huge paddlewheel keeps on turning

Jazz band playing on the Steamboat Natchez

View of Jackson Square from the Steamboat Natchez

View of Jax Brewery and the Saint Louis Cathedral

Downtown New Orleans

Another steamboat, the Creole Queen, in front of the Central Business District

After our steamboat ride, walking through the French quarter we walked past the Andrew Jackson Memorial and saw some other sights along the way!

Andrew Jackson Memorial at Jackson Square

Local cat

Halloween decorations in the French Quarter

Walking through the French Quarter that night we even happen to catch sight of a second line parade, a wedding parade! It was super fun watching the musicians and wedding party marching through the streets dancing and having a great time!

Second line parade in the French Quarter!

We ended the night going out to a fancy dance dinner at Commander's Palace. The food was amazing. I loved the turtle soup and bead pudding souffle! And the service was superb. We have never been so pampered out to dinner before. This is a must go to restaurant if you are ever in the area, and a must return to spot if we ever make it back!

Out to dinner at Commander's Palace

Outfit of the Day
Sunday (day):
For the day I opted to wear my Trashy Diva Circle Skirt and Lena Top in Grand Fleur print. After all it was game day for the Saints and I was hoping to get some "Who Dat!" calls which is the Saints' football fan rally calls. Alas, no one did not mistake me for a tourist that day!

Trashy Diva Circle Skirt and Lena Top in Grand Fleur- Front View

Sunday (night): 
(pictured above) At night I changed into one of my most fanciest and most special dresses, my Trashy Diva Trixie dress in Hurricane Ladies print, and paired it with my nicest pearl necklace for our special fancy dress dinner. It was such a dream getting to wear this dress out in New Orleans! I just wish my picture turned out better though.

...Stay tuned for the last concluding segment of Vacation Slideshow: Halloween in New Orleans where we tour the Garden District!


  1. Once again I really enjoyed being a virtual tourist! That dress you wore for the special dinner is gorgeous, and how wonderful it sounded. Turtle soup?! That sounds so exotic. It is hard - and expensive - to get Trashy Diva over here, but the more I see the more I like. X

    1. Thank you Porcelina! And yes the dinner was amazing! Not something we would be able to afford everyday but that's what vacations are for! :) And yes, sadly Trashy Diva is one of the more expensive repro brands out there and sadly also, I've noticed they've been slowly getting more expensive over time! If you are interested though you should check out this facebook group I'm in called Desperately Seeking Trashy Diva. It's a buy, sell and swap group with members from all over the world. It's getting harder to find really great deals in the group but every now and then they do pop up especially for the smaller size ladies :)

  2. Super fun photos! I loved all of your outfits (I own the Trashy Diva one but in a skirt version too!) XO

    1. Thanks Lauren! And ohhh which one? The Hurricane print or the Grand Fleur print? The Grand Fleur is actually a skirt. It goes really well with the top if I do say so myself ;) lol