Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vacation Slideshow: Halloween in New Orleans, Part 4

Hello Kittens!

Well here is my last post on Vacation Slideshow: Halloween in New Orleans. I hope you've enjoyed the read and the pictures!

Day 6 (Monday):

The Monday after Halloween was our last full day in New Orleans. We had planned on spending the day doing a bike tour of the city followed by a kayaking tour on the Bayou St. John, though, like I had mentioned in my last post, Tim and I were both sick with colds by the time Sunday and Monday rolled around so I cancelled our bike and kayak tour and instead we spent the morning wandering around the Garden District.

The Garden District has always held a lot of mystery to me after years and years of reading Anne Rice's books set in this neighborhood so it was a nice treat to actually spend some time here wandering around and getting oriented on some of the more noteworthy houses.

Our first stop in the Garden District was the Lafayette cemetery which is right within the Garden District, located between houses and right across the street from the restaurant, Commander's Palace. Tim in particular wanted to check out at least one of the cemeteries in New Orleans since they are so different from the ones we get back home. Because New Orleans stand below the water table the deceased are buried above ground in crypts and mausoleums.

After the cemetery we made our own walking tour of the Garden District stopping at all the famous houses which interested us.

The first house we came to was the Benjamin Button house. This house was in the film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It's been a few years since I've seen the move so I didn't recognize it myself. I may have to watch the movie again to see if I notice it in the film!

The second house we came upon was Sandra Bullock's house!

I didn't really knock but I was curious to know if she was home. ;)

Along our walk, we ran into these cute animal foot prints in the sidewalk.

The next stop was Trent Rezor's (of Nine Inch Nails) old house. I heard this was where he had his studios for Nothing Records too. It is said to now be John Goodman's current house.

And just right around the corner....
Anne Rice's old house on First Street! <3

It is said that this house was the inspiration for the Garden District Mayfair house in her Mayfair witches' series.

We took a bit of a detour here. I'm not sure if these houses are considered within the Garden District but very nearby on St. Charles' street is this house which is said to be the home Anne Rice lived in when she was 14 years old

And across and down the street a bit is this house which is said to be Anne Rice's childhood home!

The last house we went to was this house featured in the third season of the TV series, American Horror Story. If you know the show you may recognize this house as Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies.

After touring through the Garden District we headed over to nearby Magazine street where we made a quick stop at Trashy Diva on Magazine St., had lunch a Juan's Flying burrito a couple shops down, and enjoyed the afternoon walking along the street and doing a little bit of window shopping.

Trashy Diva, Magazine St

We then took the streetcar to the French Quarter. For our final night, we had dinner at K-Paul's (the late chef Paul Prudhomme's restaurant). The food was exceptional, especially the buffalo frogs' legs. After dinner we went on a ghost tour and then stopped by the Carousel bar at the haunted Hotel Monteleone. 

One of the houses used in the film Interview With A Vampire

Through the windows of a gas lamp store

Hotel Monteleone

In side the main lobby of the Hotel Monteleone

The Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone... it really does turn as you're sitting around it!

Final look back at our Bed and Breakfast at the Garden District

Outfit of the Day:
(pictured above) For this day, our final day in New Orleans, I had to go with my Trashy Diva Annette dress in French Quarter print. I figured that would be the perfect dress for our send off to this beautiful city. 


  1. Beautiful. I've always wanted to go there. Your outfit is divine. Im back to blogging and happy to see this cute post
    Retro rover

    1. Hi Katherine! WELCOME BACK!!!!! :D I've missed you! Thank you! It's a great place to visit! I hope I will make it back there one day as there are so many things we missed still... the zoo, city park, kayaking the bayou St. John, and more important relaxing, and eating more ;) Maybe one day. For now though, we've got the memories to last a lifetime! Thank you for checking into my blog! It's so great to see you again :)

  2. Oh this is wonderful, I really enjoyed this post!! And yes the American Horror Story house!!! Beautiful and another fabulous outfit x

    1. Thank you Kayla! It was fun getting to see these houses in person. Too bad the witches weren't still there from the show ;)

  3. Thanks for this whole series - have loved them! x