Friday, September 19, 2014

Local Shop In The Spotlight: Vintage Alley!!

A vintage style clothing store in Hayward?! How awesome is that!

Vintage Alley, Hayward, CA

I was so surprised and elated when I heard about Vintage Alley opening in downtown Hayward a couple years ago. In fact, when I first heard the news, I thought it was a hoax. I mean, really, things like that are too good to be true! Lucky for me, though, it absolutely was true!

This place is run by a husband and wife team, the super awesome and charismatic Alfred and ever wonderful and beautiful Alicia. These people know how to run a true mom and pop shop too! It didn't take long for them to know me by name and greet me personally whenever I come into the shop. They also never fail to ask how my mother-in-law is doing after her pop into the shop last summer. I'm sure this personalized attention goes out to all their regular and semi-regular customers.

Vintage Alley, Hayward, CA

Not only do they run an awesome shop but they also have a chic hair salon at the same location where yours truly loves to get a vintage do done by the friendly, stunning, and talented Leilani.

Vintage Alley Salon Waiting Area

At The Vintage Alley Salon

On top of their hard work in running their shop and salon they also get involved in community events. For the past two years they have participated in Hayward's Walk of Wine, and this year, they even hosted their first annual car show in downtown Hayward!

Speaking of Haward's Walk of Wine Tour, while I blogged about it a few weeks ago, what I didn't tell you in that post (at least in length) was the behind the scenes of that day!

I started my morning by going into the shop for a hair appointment. While I was there the owner Alicia let me know I could pick our any item for 20% off! What an excellent surprise. But with the hair appointment done and the Walk of Wine about to start I was already running late so she let me take a rain check to come back later that day. When I came back later in the day for one of the wine pours I took advantage of the 20% off one item but ended up getting not just one item but two (though only one was 20% off). My ever wonderful husband bought them for me! He said, as a extra special treat and last present for my birthday this year. <3

So what did I get? Let's do a clothing review!

Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse in Black:

The Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse is my favorite top by Heart of Haute. When they first released this top earlier this year I knew I was going to love it. It has a cute and full pussy bow at the neck, lots of pleating, cute little puff sleeves that don't bulk you up, and a fitted design. I did find with the wrong bra that I got some button gaping but with the right bra, it was minimal. Still, I think I might want to invest in some fashion tape for this top to keep the gaping away or just do my usual fix and safety pin it from the inside.

Steady High Waisted Thrill Skirt in Red:

This is the prefect skirt! I've been stalking this one forever online going back and forth between convincing myself that I don't need it, and then telling myself that I really wanted it. I'm so happy I was able to pick this one up. It is just the right length, the right shade of red, the right amount of flare, and sits just right on my waist. And with it being a separate, it's very versatile... you can see it with another Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse here. I also can't wait to start wearing it with some sweater tops when the weather starts to get a little cooler.

Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse Black With Steady High Waisted Thrills Skirt- Front View

Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse Black With Steady High Waisted Thrills Skirt- Front View

Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse Black With Steady High Waisted Thrills Skirt- Side View

Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse Black With Steady High Waisted Thrills Skirt- Back View

Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse Black- Close Up

If you're ever in the Hayward area be sure to check out this shop! They carry a huge selection of Stop Starting dresses, a good amount of Heart of Haute, Steady, as well as a pretty large selection of men's clothing, some baby's clothing, tons of hats, and so many beautiful accessories and hair flowers!


  1. These two separates look great together, a really nice outfit. How lucky to have that shop nearby! It's great to not have to travel too far to get a vintage style fix! P x

    1. Thank you Porcelina! I totally agree! It's so great having this shop so close by! It's especially great being able to try on dresses or items I normally would not have thought to buy and finding a gem or even, being able to try on something I've been pining over to find that that style really doesn't work for me, saving me the trouble of ordering it online. (Luckily in this case both items were a win) :)