Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Making Little Hats- Cherries Edition!

So now that I finally started working on some DIY hat projects again, I'm on a roll!

The day that I made the last fascinator (see the Carmen Miranda inspired hat here) I also made a black fascinator with cherries but didn't get around to photographing it until just now!

And so without any farther ado, here is the DIY tutorial for a cherry fascinator you can make yourself at home!

Making Little Hats!

1) Start with a fascinator base. I bought this straw base from ebay

 2) Add the decoration of your choice. I start with what I think will best go on the botton layer of the fascinator first... the part closest to the fascinator base.

When adding decoration which is heavy or which might not have an easy time surviving on the hat from just hot glue alone, I like to find a way to sew on the decoration. For these cherries I hot glued the stems together then sewed the stems onto the hat.

To reinforce the stitches, I then hot glued the decoration on over the stitches. 

 Here is what the back side of the fascinator looks like.
3) Next, if you are adding multiple things to your fascinator, if there are parts overlapping, those overlapping parts should go on next. If you want something overlapping the second layer, add that next, and so on.

I both sewed on and hot glued on the bow.
4) Hot glue your stitching on the underside of the hat too once all your decoration is added!

5) Next, sew on a hair clip, alligator clip, or hair comb. Be sure to pay extra attention to which way you will want the hat to be orientated on your head. If adding a hair clip (like shown) or alligator clip you will want the hair clip to be parallel to the ground when attaching the fascinator to your head. This will give the fascinator a jaunty tilt. If you are adding a hair comb you would want that to be at the front of the hat towards your face with the teeth of the comb facing towards the back of your head.

6) Last, reinforce your stitches with hot glue at the fat end of your hair clip or alligator clip. For a hair comb, you would want the hot glue to be at the long solid edge of the hair comb not touching the teeth.

And here you have the finished product! A new fascinator to wear out and have fun with!

Black Cherry Fascinator You Can Make At Home!


  1. So adorable, and you've made it look so incredibly easy! I am tempted to try and make a little hat myself! P x

    1. Thanks Porcelina! This little hat was pretty easy indeed! Much easier than the previous one I made:

      I think the trick is to go minimal on decorations and that will make it easier. With the multiple fruit hat I was having a hard time with placement and layout, getting everything to balance out. I actually just came up with an idea on how to improve the previous all fruit hat. I'll probably update it and blog about it. :)

      I hope you will give this a shot! I found the fascinator base on ebay and the snap clips on etsy if that helps. I'd love see one of these little hats on your blog :)

    2. Porcelina, Here is the website for the people I got the fascinator base from. I bought it from their ebay store because shipping was cheaper for me that way. They're in England so it might not be too bad for you :)