Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Vacation Slideshow: Weekend in Vegas

We went to Vegas the weekend before last to celebrate a friend's birthday

Unfortunately, that meant we missed Viva Las Vegas by just a bit but we still had a blast while we were there.


We arrived in Vegas early in the morning. It was a bit too early to check in so we dropped off our bags at the hotel and took a walk down the strip. I love going to all the different casinos and looking in the hotels. We met up with some friends later in the day and shopped a bit at Tatyana and other stores at the Miracle Mile Mall, then that night we all went out together to go see Evil Dead the musical. It was a perfect first day to our trip.

At the lobby of the Bellagio. I love popping in to see this ceiling!

Garden display at the Bellagio

Outfit of the Day: Trashy Diva Streetcar dress in Leopard

A view of Paris, Las Vegas

At the Rainforest Cafe

Outfit of the Day: Trashy Diva Streetcar dress in Leopard (in front of Excalibur)

Outfit of the Day: Stop Staring Bombshell dress

Outfit of the Day (day 1)

For the first day of our trip I wore my Trashy Diva Streetcar dress in Leopard print because after all nothing screams Vegas more to me than leopard! I paired it with a black cardigan for when we were in the cold shade and some ankle strap easy to walk in black flats. For a finishing touch I wore a cat ear headband and some golden ball studs.

At night for the Evil Dead musical I changed into my Stop Staring Bombshell dress. Though I forgot to take closeup pics I wore this with black dot black sheer tights, and my red Ecco flats. For a finishing touch I wore this with a pair of black cat earrings and wore a red feather fascinator in my hair.

Day 2:

The next day Tim and I walked down the strip again to meet up with our friends. We then took a day trip out to Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. It was a section of town I've never been to. It was super fun exploring around there. At night we were planning on meeting up after changing and checking out some clubs but after we separated to get ready we never were able to enmesh our schedules so Tim and I just wandered around a bit on our own instead before calling it a night.

Outfit of the Day: Lucky 13 Hairspray dress

On our walk along the strip, in front of New York New York

Iconic lights at the Plaza Hotel, Downtown Las Vegas

One Million Dollars on display at Binion's

Fremont St, Las Vegas

Outfit of the Day: Trashy Diva Honey Child dress in Smoke Leopard

Outfit of the Day: Close Up

Outfit of the Day (day 2):

For our second day in Vegas I wore my Lucky 13 Hairspray dress. I always thought of this print as a gambling theme dress though now I have no idea why. It actually is a nautical theme. It features a lady like the kind you might see carved at the front of a boat. It also has anchors, but then also some other random things such as diamonds, cherrys, and the number 13. I paired this with a black cardigan, black ankle strap flats and for a finishing touch, a pair of anchor stud earrings.

For the evening I changed into my Trashy Diva Honey Child dress in Smoke Leopard. I paired this with black sheer back seamed tights, my black ankle strap flats, and for a finishing touch a black feathered hair flower and yellow and green snake earrings.

Day 3:

On our last day our flight didn't leave til later in the evening so it was like getting a bonus day without paying for a hotel. We started the morning with a quick jump in the pool then checked out of the hotel. We were able to have the hotel hold our bags for us while we ran around. We walked down the strip again, met up with our friends again for a bit, did some shopping at the Tatyana store at the Miracle Mile Mall, saw the flamingos at the Flamingo, saw the Bodies exhibit at the Luxor, then played in the arcade at Excalibur until it was time to go catch our plane. It was a surprisingly full day! 

Outfit of the Day: Tatyana Ping Pong dress

At the Flamingo, Las Vegas

Flamingos at the Flamingo, Las Vegas

More Flamingos

At the Luxor, Las Vegas

At the Excalibur Arcade, Las Vegas

Outfit of the Day:

For our last day in Vegas I wore my Tatyana Ping Pong dress. After all, in the land where the brand Tatyana was born I had to represent! I paired this with a black cardigan and my black ankle strap flats. For a finishing touch I wore this with a pair of black cat earrings and a black feathered hair flower.


  1. What fun, fantastic outfits! I especially like the Ping Pong dress, what a unique neckline. You look awesome, sweet dear, and like you were having a total blast (as one should in Vegas!). I bet it was a bit surreal to be standing in front of a million dollars like that.

    Big hugs & many thanks for your terrific blog comments today,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! It's just too bad we didn't actually win that million dollars like we were enjoying imagining we did! ;) And yes, we had a fantastic time in Vegas! :D

  2. Yay, Vegas! What a fabulous trip you had! That's awesome your flight left in the evening your last day, so you got another day there. We usually leave in the morning or very early afternoon, so we never get to do anything the last day. I too love the ceiling at the Bellagio, as well as the garden displays they have! Love the pictures you took of the garden display! The displays are so amazing, aren't they? What works of art.

    1. I've only ever been to the Bellagio one time before to marvel at the ceiling and I completely forgot (or never noticed) their garden display before. Such a pretty pretty place it is! <3 And yes! We got really lucky with our departure time! It was a happy coincidence that we got an extra day there!

  3. Sounds like you had a fantastic time! I always love seeing what outfits you pack, gorgeous as always x

    1. <3 Thank you Kayla! It was a lot of fun wearing some outfit I normally would be shy to wear in other occasions. And of course it was great getting to wear my Tatyana dress in the land where the company is based :)

  4. I want to go to Vegas...hopefully one day I might get there! Love all the outfits you wore, especially that Tatyana ping pong dress! :) I wish I could take photos with pretty flamingos. xo

    1. Thank you Camilla! And I could totally see you coming to Vegas one day especially to go to Viva Las Vegas! I hope you make it out there one day. I'm sure you would have a blast!

  5. Looks like so much fun! I love the lobby of the Bellagio. Also loved seeing your Trashy Diva out in the wild ;) And, I have that Tatyana dress!! XO

    1. LOL I love that pun Lauren! <3 You are too funny! And yay dress twins!!! :D <3 It's a great dress!

  6. Oh gosh you had an amazing holiday wardrobe! I think the Lucky 13 and leopard print dresses in particular just scream 'Vegas'! As for the Stop Staring Bombshell dress, I actually own that one too and have realised I haven't worn it for ages!! I went to Vegas a very long time ago when I was only 14 so I wasn't allowed to do any of the fun stuff! x

    1. I always thought the same especially with the Lucky 13 dress. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one! <3 And yes! I totally remember this dress on you! It used to be your profile pic for a while. That was when I first found you and knew you were a blogger I wanted to follow! <3 Yay for dress twins! <3

  7. Ive always wanted to go to Vegas. I never go away with all my pets but Im turning 40 in two years and I want to go somewhere nice and kitschy vegas is a possibility. I love all your outfits thansk for sharing

    1. You totally should go to Vegas one day! I hope you will wear one of your amazing 60's metallic ensembles while you are there! I would imaging that would look so amazing especially with the backdrop of Vegas! <3 Also, I know you are HUGE on Star Trek... they have a humongous Star Trek convention in Vegas every year. I was supposed to go with my dad this summer for the 50th anniversary but sadly looks like I'm going to have to pass on the trip but I think if you are coming to Vegas you might want to plan it around this convention one summer... Vegas and Star Trek seem like it would be an amazing combo for the best vacation ever for you! <3