Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Dancing Cat Revisited!

On Sunday Tim and I found ourselves in San Jose and so found ourselves once again at the Dancing Cat Cat Cafe in San Jose!

Walking in for the second time I felt like I was coming home. (You can see the post from our first trip here). If I didn't know it already I know now without a doubt that the Dancing Cat in San Jose is one of my most favorite places ever! It is such a warm and inviting place and such a fun place to hang out with the clowder of cats!

We got there at about 4pm when the cats were all enjoying a leisurely recline in the late afternoon. Sleepy cats were the theme of the day, though it just made it all the more easier to sit and pet them. And while, for the most part, the cats were in their siesta mood, there was plenty of hijinks to be had!

What we walked into when we walked into the Dancing Cat! Can you spot all four?

Tim making friends

Bonnie giving her best Halloween cat impersonation

Dixie says, "Whatcha doing?"



Bebe being good!

Bonnie again, A.K.A. Bear!


The Dancing Cat

Kitties everywhere!
Making friends

Chill time with kitties

A kitty for each hand

All the adoptable cats

Cat themed sweets and treats for sale

Favorite seat of the house

I really enjoyed my second trip here and enjoyed getting to know these cats better and even got to meet both of the co-owners, Ann and Mary, of the Dancing Cat! Such a treat to meet the women who made this happen!

Also, I'd like to add that all of the cats at the Dancing Cat are adoptable and looking for their forever home so if you are looking for a cat or know someone who is, this is a great place to go! 

I make it my mission to come back to the Dancing Cat as often as I can before this temporary cat cafe closes November 15th!


  1. Thanks for stopping by again to visit and for the wonderful write-up! We'll look forward to seeing you again soon at The Dancing Cat.

    1. Thank you Dancing Cat! The pleasure is all mine! I always love stopping by and hanging out at your wonderful cat cafe! Can't wait to come back again! :D

  2. I don't know if I could go to a cat cafe like that one, I would be just too tempted to adopt a cat or two! :)

    1. But it would be good to adopt a cat or two Camilla. So many kitties need a permanent home <3 :)

  3. Ahhh catsssssss! There are apparently two Cat Café's here in Sydney now, I'm hoping to visit one with my best friend soon! x

    1. Awesome! I hope I get to see pics soon Kayla! :D I'd love to see what other cat cafes around the world look like :D