Friday, September 11, 2015

The Dancing Cat: A Day in the Life of a Lounge Cat

Hellooo Kittens!

I'm happy to report that over the long Labor day weekend Tim and I got to check out a second cat cafe in our area, the Dancing Cat in San Jose!

Unfortunately this cat cafe is only a temporary event though mid-November so if you're in the area, go now before it's too late!!!!

The Dancing Cat is such a cool place and is so different from the previous cat cafe that we checked out, Cat Town. While Cat Town is set up like an indoor cat park the Dancing Cat is more like a chill cat club house.

We arrived without reservations on Saturday and were able to be accommodated right away. We were greeted at the door by one of the owners who told us a little about the place, gave us a little tour, and talked a bit with us about some of the cats on location. The Dancing cat mainly consists of one huge sun filled room which features a large comfortable sectional sofa on the far side of the room as well as a huge dining table in the middle. Behind the main entrance through a short hallway is a small back room deemed the quiet room where cats can rest in peace and quiet away from the main room. The cats though, who have full reign of the place, have no lack of space for freely running, playing and dancing about! There are cat walks hung all over the walls for the cats to get up high and explore from all angles of their surrounding. The cat walks leads up to either a cat balcony where there are cat houses for the cats to rest and snuggle down in, or they lead over to the windows where the cats can perch and human watch or just to lay about up there. With the multiple cat trees, the couch, tables, window ledges, cat walks, elevated cat balcony, and overlooks it seems like the kitties here are really enjoying a great life while they wait to find their forever home with their forever human.

Tim and I enjoyed leisurely hanging out and playing with these cats for a while. There didn't seem to be any time limit as to when our visit needed to end and the whole time we felt completely invited and didn't feel rushed at all. There is complementary tea, coffee and water while you hang out with the cats, and some snacks for sale if you get peckish. The owner though did not seem opposed to the idea of guests bringing a lunch while they visit.

While this place seems to be a perfect cat haven and an awesome chill hangout for any cat lover, this place also offers many fun events such as the upcoming Intuitive Perspective with pet whisperer and intuitive Rani Naik, children's storytime with story teller Olga Loya, book reading by author Fern Field Brooks, and instructions on cat photography, just to name a few of the fun cat themed upcoming events this place has scheduled.

We definitely are planning on coming back to this cat cafe in the near future! While this place so far is listed as being a temporary event I'm really hoping they will be able to stick around longer and become a permanent addition to the South Bay! Fingers crossed!

The Dancing Cat, San Jose, CA

The main room at the Dancing Cat in San Jose, CA

A collage of colorful lanterns adorn the ceiling

Cat taking it's self for a walk along the cat walk

Cats above, cats below, and cats just right

Cat balcony at the Dancing Cat

Complimentary tea, coffee and water area

The quiet room

One of the quiet ones

Melanie says she can be a quiet one too

Melanie getting into mischief

If you give a cat a play toy

Hanging out at the Dancing Cat


  1. OMG this place looks like a cat heaven! Love your writing, I will for sure come more often to your lovely blog!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend!
    With love,
    Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥


    1. Thank you Suzy! Yes this place was the ultimate cat heaven for sure! A cat person heave as well! So many kitties in one place! >^.^<

  2. Wowww so many cute cats! What a great place to visit! x

    1. I know right!? We are so fortunate in this area to have so many of these cat cafes popping up! :D This area is home to the first ever cat cafe in the US too! I suppose that means I'm definitely living in the right place! :D LOL