Friday, November 28, 2014

100th Post!!!! Matching Your Dresses To Your Teaware Part 9: Black Kitties!

Finding teapot pairings to go along with my dresses is one of my favorite things to do on this blog!

I just really get a kick, a decided jolt of excitement, seeing two of my favorite things paired so perfectly matched together. And when you throw in another of my favorite things... cats, well then I get really excited!

Heart of Haute's Matey dress in It's Raining Cats is a cute sailor style halter top dress with black cats and red umbrellas throughout the bodice and contrasting black fabric at the halter ties, top tie, and skirt.

This retro kitty dress pairs adorably with Japanese Zakka designer and artist Shinzi Katoh's Tea For Two Deluxe Black Cat Tea Set. This adorable tea set features a stacking set of two teacups and a teapot. The black tea cups are rimed with white polka dots and have kitty-shaped tail holders. The black teapot is topped with a kitty head as the lid! I found this super cute cat tea set on

Heart Of Haute Matey Dress in It's Raining Cats- Front View

Heart Of Haute's Matey Dress in It's Raining Cats- Close Up

Shinzi Katoh's Tea For Two Delux Black Cat Tea Set, photo:

With all this cuteness combined, it makes me want to pull up my best kitty or two or three and put a pot on the stove to boil! ^. .^


  1. Such a cute tea set!! And the dress is adorable too, and they are of course perfect together :)

    1. :D Thank you Bristol!! I love putting together these perfect pairings! <3

  2. Absolute genius, to pair that dress with that tea set!! I think you've found your purpose in life?! xx

    1. Hehe Porcelina. I wish I could just do dress and tea pairings for a living. But since I can't I'm happy to at least be able to do it as a hobby ;)