Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Outfit of the Day- Last Winter Dress of the Year

Spring has officially sprung!

This past weekend we got lots of sunshine and fair weather after a week full of rain. It was the perfect combination to spend some time working on the garden which is what I did all day Saturday. The ground was nice and moist; easy for pulling up weeds and planting some new flowers.

Sunday, being another nice, fair-weathered day, was a good day to spend out and about in a non-work capacity. Tim and I went out to the country and spent some much needed time catching up with some good friends in Sebastopol. The weather forecast said it was going to be warm, 77 degrees, but even still, when I was trying to pick what to wear for the day I couldn't get over the idea of wanting to wear my sweater dress and sweater tights. Maybe it was that there was a chill in our house, or maybe it was just that I really wanted the comfy-ness of a nice sweater dress, or maybe it was because I figured it would probably be the last chance to wear one of my warmer weather dresses... in any case, I opted for the sweater dress and some sweater tights for the occasion figuring we'd probably be indoors most of the time anyway. Also, I figured, usually right after coming out of cooler weather houses in Northern California tend to stay pretty cool for a while. It proved to be a good pick as I was comfy all day and now that the weather has hit the high 70s / low 80s, even around home, it seems likely I won't have any more occasions for warm weather dresses again at least until the next coming Fall.

And here it is...

Outfit of the Day:  

Voodoo Vixen Red Knit Dress with Polka Dots- Front View

Voodoo Vixen Red Knit Dress with Polka Dots- Side View, Murkurie- Side View

Miz Mooz Heloise T-Straps- Top View, Murkurie- Top View

Dress: red knit dress with polka dots by Voodoo Vixen from Cats Like Us
Tights: black sweater tights by Vera Wang from Kohls
Shoes: red Heloise T-Straps by Miz Mooz from Zappos

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