Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DIY Tutorial- How to make a 1950's style caplet with cat fur!

Hello Kittens!

Whenever I brush my cat Murkurie I'm left with a huge ball of grey soft cat fur. My husband Tim says that it's so much fur that I could make another Merk with it. He's not kidding!

It's so much fur it feel like a shame to just throw it away. And so it got my crafting mind thinking... what can I do with all this extra cat fur? Make a 1950's style caplet with it! Genius! The first step would be to brush your cat. This may take several brushings based on how matted your cat is and/or how fluffy. Save all your cat fur as you go. I like to put my saved cat fur in a mason jar to keep the other cats from licking it and thus turning it into hairballs. 

Two Cats Ready For Their Daily Brushing (Murkurie, left. Wolfgang, right)

Next, don't forget what today is... :)

....April Fools!

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