Thursday, April 24, 2014

An Apple A Day....

Allo Mes Amies

Sorry if it's seemed like I've been on blog hiatus. I guess you can say it's been a busy month and yet at the same time you can also say I've been on mental holiday. Last weekend over the Easter vacation I stayed in and caught up on some personal crafting/sewing projects. I finally got around to making some curtains using some scrap fabric for the garage window (black and white gingham with a black trim at the bottom which came out quite cute if I do say so myself) and I also finally got around to hemming some curtains for the inside of the house. The weekend before that my grandfather was visiting from Florida and I got to spend some time with him and the family. All great things but perhaps not so blog related...

And finally I'm back and I'll start things off with a bushel of apples! I have a dress review for ya'll! And not just one dress review but two, Hell Bunny's Shelia dress in both green and in blue. I could not decide which color to get so I decided to get both colors. Perhaps it was a bit excessive of me to get two of the same dress in two different colors but Hell Bunny is priced so reasonably, and it was such a cute design, AND I've got such fun little accessories to play around with these two dresses, I just could not resist. Also, I feel that the change of color gave the dresses completely different feels to them. While the blue dress was very bright and jolly the green one felt that it emphasized its wholesome nature.

The Hell Bunny Sheila dress is a 1940's style dress with a classic A-line silhouette. There is ruching at the shoulders and little bows at each shoulder which in turn also has ruching right where the bows are placed, giving it a very sweet and feminine look. It is fitted at the waist and right under the bust line there is more ruching to balance out all the ruching at the top. (Am I using the term ruching correctly?) It also has a v-neckline that is is just right in my opinion, not too high but not too low plunging either. The fabric is made of polyester which has a light, airy, silky feel to it. There is also a back zipper. But what really makes this dress exceptional apart from all the ruching and bows, which are both two things I love in a dress, is the pattern on the fabric. These dresses have an all over pattern of red apples with green leaves and white flowers with yellow centers. I love the little apples which gives it such a sweet yet wholesome look to it. I am in love with these dresses. I got them from JBR clothing's ebay store where I got them for 10% off the already low Hell Bunny's (and JBR's) price. I love Hell Bunny. They are forever continuously designing super cute 1940's and 50's style dresses while keeping their dresses priced low. The Sheila dress is available in green, blue, black, and caramel... and if you are lucky to live in the Australia I've seen they also have turquoise out there.

For reference I bought both dresses in my usual size large which fits my 38"-30"-38" frame just right.

Hell Bunny Sheila Dress Blue- Front View

Hell Bunny Sheila Dress Blue- Side View

Hell Bunny Sheila Dress Blue- Back View

Hell Bunny Sheila Dress Blue- Close Up of Shoulder Detail

Hell Bunny Sheila Dress Blue with B.A.I.T. Ida Heels in Pale Blue and Cream

Hell Bunny Sheila Dress Green with Chelsea Crew Malibu Heels in Green- Front View

Hell Bunny Sheila Dress Green- Side View

Hell Bunny Sheila Dress Green- Back View

Hell Bunny Sheila Dress Green with Green Cloche Hat- Front View

Hell Bunny Sheila Dress Green with Green Cloche Hat- Side View

Hell Bunny Sheila Dress Green with Straw Hat- Front View

Hell Bunny Sheila Dress Green with Green Cloche Hat- Side View
With all the fun accessories I have to play with with these Sheila dresses I could not help pairing them in my pictures. I wore B.A.I.T. Ida heels in pale blue and cream with the blue Sheila dress and Chelsea Crew Malibu heels in green with the green Sheila dress. Also with the Sheila dress I paired it with two different hats, a dark green felt cloche hat I got from Nordstrom Rack, and a straw hat, the Pure Edith hat in green, from Modcloth.

Also since I picked up two of these apple dresses I had to make the look complete by ordering some apple earrings from Modcloth. I kept on putting off the purchase until I saw they only had 4 left in stock then had to buy them before they were gone but hopefully Modcloth will stock more of these apple earrings for you gals who are keen on having an apple ensemble to call your own :)

Hell Bunny Sheila Dress with Apple Earrings
And that is my review for today. I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Gorgeous!! I love the blue one too! They're both lovely on you :)

    1. Thanks Nora!!!! :D I really love your turquoise one! We can be twinsies with all our matching dresses, ha! :)