Thursday, February 6, 2014

Heart of Haute and their hot mod styles!

I love Heart of Haute (formally known as Heartbreaker Fashion). I especially love them when I catch a good Heart of Haute outlet sale! 

This past week Heart of Haute was offering 50% off everything on their sales rack. I snapped up their Etta dress in Blue Anchors and their Ruby dress in Kitties!

I've had my eye on the Etta dress since it first made its debut last year. As some readers may have noticed I have quite a penchant for neck bows! I just adore the high neck and front bow on this dress which is charmingly balanced by the shorter mod-style skirt. I just love 1960's mod style so much! It's so different from the 1950's while still sharing some of the same elements I love: high neck, bow detail at neck, flared skirt. This dress fits my 38-30-38 frame a little big at the bust but it's nothing that isn't wearable as is. What I was most impressed with with this dress, aside from the beautiful design and lovely fabric, was the fact that the front buttons didn't gap. Whenever I try on a dress for the first time with front buttons there is always just a little bit of dread that settles into my heart before I have the dress on. More often then not the front buttons will gap where I will be forced to decide do I not get/keep the dress or am I just going to have to pin the dress shut every time I wear it. It is always such a happy surprise when the front buttons don't gap!

As for the length of the dress, this dress fits my 5'3" frame just  above the knees which is a good enough mod length for me! I don't like going too short! ;)

Heart of Haute Etta dress in blue anchors

Heart of Haute Etta dress in blue anchors side view

Heart of Haute Etta dress in blue anchors back view

Heart of Haute Etta dress in blue anchors collar detail

The Ruby dress in Kitties was a surprising LOVE at first fitting. I love dresses with cats on them... actually I love almost anything with cats on them but especially dresses. Currently I have quite a few cat dresses in my collection so have been slowing down on buying them... I was not planning on buying this dress but when I saw the $35 sale price tag and I knew I was already going to be paying for shipping for the Etta dress, I figured I'd be a fool not to get this cute kitty dress.

This dress fits like a dream! I'm always surprised at how Heart of Haute can create such flattering dresses on me while being made out of 100% cotton! This, like their Sailor dress and Sweetie dress fit like it was custom made just for me! I love everything about this dress from the fit, and cute fabric choice, to the sweet 60's style emanating from it's shorter hem line and clean and simple cut with smooth uncomplicated peter pan collar.

Heart of Haute Ruby dress in kitties

Heart of Haute dress in kitties side view

Heart of Haute dress in kitties back view

Heart of Haute kitties print detail

If you haven't already, I highly recommend signing up for Heart of Haute's email list to keep updated on their awesome sales!

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