Wednesday, February 5, 2014

At the ballet

When I was younger my aunt Gloria who used to live in California used to take me to the theater because she knew how much I loved it. 

It wouldn't be an every day thing, not even an every month thing. It would only be an every now and then special treat thing. I knew she mainly did it because she loved me and she knew how much I appreciated and loved it. I remember those times with lots of love in my heart.

Now when my husband Tim takes me to the ballet it makes new memories and new feelings of love in my heart. I know my husband fell asleep when we last went to the San Francisco Ballet's production of John Neumeier's Little Mermaid and that he does not understand or even care for the ballet but that he will take me because he loves me so much. That is a lot of love. It gives me lots of love in the heart when I get to go out to the ballet with my husband who loves me so much.

I am so thankful for Tim who is such a loving husband and who is so willing to do such special things for me. Here we were this past Saturday when we went to see Helgi Tomasson’s Giselle! I was sick with a cold but not even rain, snow, sleet, or sickness could not keep me away from seeing Giselle which we had bought tickets for months ago (not that there was rain, snow or sleet... just sickness). Anyway, we had a lovely time and Tim did not even fall asleep! :)

At the War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco

Tim and I playing with the oversized mirrors in the opera house

Inside the beautiful theater

What I wore: 
Bettie Page Ruby dress, red patent leather Coach clutch, velvet mary janes from Urban Outfitters, black sweater tights from Kohls.

The Bettie Page Ruby dress seems to have been inspired by vintage 1960s style Chinese cheongsams. The Ruby dress is lose on top making it very easy to move in and has a down turned collar and red butterfly brooch at the neck. I wore this today in celebration of Chinese New Years which just started the day before, on Friday. I paired it with my red patent leather Coach clutch and really wanted to also pair it with my red patent leather wedges from Me Too but since I was already just barely dragging myself out of the house to see this ballet, being sick with a cold, I decided to go with the more comfortable and warm velvet mary janes from Urban Outfitters that also seem to be Chinese inspired and are furry on the inside.

Bettie Page Ruby dress

Bettie Page Ruby dress

Collar detail on the Bettie Page Ruby dress

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