Saturday, May 6, 2017

Matching Your Dress to Your Teaware Part 31: Sweet Strawberries for Spring and Summer

Hello Kittens!

It's been a while since I've done one of these perfect pairing posts so I believe it is more than due time for one! When I first saw the new Berry Chantilly print from Trashy Diva released a couple months ago I knew it would be the perfect print to go with my strawberry tea cozy. <3

I bought this tea cozy from Stash Tea about a year ago (unfortunately though it's long sold out now). This adorable knit tea cozy is made in the form of a ripe strawberry and features a mound of leaves and daisies at the top and three cute decorative strawberries dangling down the side. It has a hole at the bottom as well as two holes on the side to be able to pop over any standard sized brown betty shaped teapot. Putting on a tea cozy is like popping a little sweater over your teapot to keep your fresh brew nice and warm as you leisurely relax and sip away.

Trashy Diva Hopscotch dress in Berry Chantilly

This tea cozy is the cutest thing to go with Trashy Diva's new Berry Chantilly print. Launched in early March, the Berry Chantilly print is a welcome sight and reminder that spring has sprung and the warm weather will be upon us soon. This print features ripe red strawberries on and off the vine with green leaves and white blooming spring flowers against a buttery yellow background. White ribbons and dainty parasols whimsically pervades the print leaving one with the feeling of dancing a waltz to the sound of spring and summer approaching.

How perfect a match made all the more perfect accompanied by a cup of strawberry herbal tea or for those on the wilder side, a strawberry infused black tea blend!

*Stay tuned for my full review of this gorgeous print from Trashy Diva coming soonish!


  1. Great matching here, that tea cosy is very cute with the dangling strawberries! Lovely sunny photos, looks like you've had some good weather x

  2. Perfect match, that tea cosy is adorable! I love this Trashy Diva print so much, yellow always looks so awesome on you x

  3. I adore this pairing. And that tea cozy!

  4. What an adorable match! That hopscotch looks great on you! :) It's such a cute print. I can't resist a great fruit print, ha!

    1. hehe I know what you mean! Fruit prints are so much fun! I was super excited to see this one come out. <3 And thank you Bristol! :)

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