Saturday, November 26, 2016

Vacation Slideshow: Fun in Florida, Part 2

Hello Kittens!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (to my American friends or those that celebrated along with us) and a fun and productive black Friday/small business Saturday for those that are participating this year-- which I hope for the sake of fun shopping was most of you! :D

Well then, I'm just going to pick up where I left off with my Vacation Slideshow :)

Day 4 (Saturday):

Saturday was the day of my cousin's wedding! We headed out to the west coast of Florida in the late morning and made it with a few hours to spare before the wedding. Since it took a few hours to drive out there we decided to book a hotel and stay the night. Totally worth it. The view from our hotel room at the Sanibel Harbour Marriott was amazing! I only wish we had more time to spend there!

My cousin got married on beautiful Sanibel Island, a residential island with lots of bike paths and quiet beaches. On the way to the wedding location we drove down a road called Rabbit Road. The residents on this road must be really fun. Most all of the mailboxes had rabbits on them!

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. My cousin and his new wife timed it perfectly. There was a sunset at the beach just after the ceremony which was a sweet and beautiful touch.

Gorgeous view from our room

Rabbit Road, Sanibel, FL

At the wedding, Sanibel, FL

Outfit of the Day:

It was a casual wedding on the beach followed by a reception in the garden so, as the dress code suggested, I decided to keep it casual for the wedding. I wore my Trashy Diva L'Amour dress in Crimson Clover which I paired with a vintage pink shrug I bought a few months ago on Etsy and a pair of basic navy flats by Rocket Dog which I bought several years ago from Zappos.

Trashy Diva L'Amour dress in Crimson Clover

Day 5 (Sunday):

On Sunday, the day after the wedding, I woke up to an absolutely beautiful view from our balcony. I had to take advantage of this beautiful quiet view and enjoyed a light breakfast, coffee, and a few chapters of my book while sitting out there on the balcony as Tim slept in.

I was sorry to say goodbye to our beautiful view when check out time came, but as is too often the case when we travel, we had things to do, places to go, people to see!

We took our time heading back to South Florida though enjoying the views from the road, a few stops along the way, and (achievement unlocked) a stop at the Waffle House for breakfast-lunch when we saw it!

Early morning view from our room

Another beautiful view along the way back to South Florida

Waffle House!

Outfit of the Day:

On this day I wore my Trashy Diva Pontchartrain skirt and Trashy Diva chambray Trixie top. I paired this with a pair of basic navy flat by Rocket Dog from Zappos.

Trashy Diva Pontchartrain skirt and Trashy Diva chambray Trixie top

Day 6 (Monday):

On Monday Tim and I headed to Legoland to spend the day there with my other cousin, her husband, and their two kids. I picked Legoland as our theme park destination this trip not only because my cousin has a season pass for there, which makes it easy for her, but also because it is the site of historic Cypress Gardens which Legoland brought back and renovated back in 2011.

Cypress Gardens, originally opened in 1936, was super popular in the 50's and 60's and was largely known for their beautiful botanic gardens, water skiing, waterskiing shows, and their southern belles. There were a few movies and several post cards from this time showcasing these features including some movies staring Esther Williams.

Legoland, Winter Haven, FL

Miniland in Legoland, Winter Haven, FL

Wow. Lego Keeping it real with a gang fight behind New York, Miniland

Water show at Legoland with Lego people!

Vintage throwback, waterskiing pyramid at Legoland

Magnolia Mansion built in the 1940's by John Snively located inside Legoland, Winter Haven, FL

Beautiful Cypress Gardens, Winter Haven, FL

Botanic Gardens at Cypress Gardens

Gazebo with Lego Belle at Cypress Gardens

With the Lego Southern Belle at Cypress Gardens

More Cypress Gardens

Banyan tree planted in 1939

Outfit of the Day:

I picked out my most frilly dress for visiting the Belles this day, my Pinup Girl Clothing Ginger dress which I bought several years ago from Modcloth (A.K.A. the Miss Shortcake dress). I paired this with the most comfortable shoes I packed for all the walking, a pair of ankle strap black flats by Blowfish from Zappos, and a vintage pink shrug which I bought a few months ago from Etsy.
Pinup Girl Clothing Ginger dress


  1. Aw, sounds like you guys had a really great time in Florida! I've never been there. I'd especially love to check out Key West.
    Your outfits were great! I LOVE the coral shade of that Ginger dress, wow! Coral is such a gorgeous color; it's one of my favorite.
    That Magnolia Mansion looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Bristol! I hope you make it to Key West one day. It's a really nice place! That's actually where my husband and I got married :)

  2. A belated happy thanksgiving! Sanibel Island looks heavenly. Many congratulations to your cousin. You had such lovely outfits for the trip xx

    1. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too Porcelina (even if it's not a holiday you celebrate! ;) ) And thank you!

  3. I love your vacation photos, they always look so fun! Thanks for sharing again! Especially Lego-land and that!! :)

    1. Thanks Camilla and thanks for checking them out! <3

  4. Legoland!! This looks like such a perfect vacation. The wedding couldn't have been in a more beautiful spot, and I just love the view you had from your room. That Pontchartrain skirt is lovely on you! I'll forever be searching for that print.

    So glad you had a fun trip!!

    1. Bring back the turquoise plaid Trashy Diva Please!!!! <3 I'd love to get my hands on an Annette version of this print! Thanks Emily!

  5. What a great time of year to be in Florida! #jealous haha. Hope it was as fun as it looked! I bought a TD this AM from their cyber Monday sale and thought of you, Miss Queen of Trashy Diva! XO

    1. <3 EEEkkk! So excited to see what you got Lauren! So sweet of you to say you thought of me when you bought it! <3 ^_^ And yes, definitely a great time of year to be in Florida! I had a blast!

  6. Looks like an amazing time! Your pictures captured the beauty so well.

  7. Looks like so much fun! Great outfits! x