Saturday, October 15, 2016

Halloween Ready!

Glorious, gorgeous, wonderful Fall!

It was hot as heck around my parts the weekend I put out our Halloween decorations during the beginning of the month but I didn't let that stop me from reveling in the fact that it was now officially Fall for us in the northern hemisphere and that it is Halloween month all month long!

I like to add a little Halloween to just about every room in the house and so taking out some decorations from storage and adding a bit of new items I got from Amazon and Joann's earlier this month I got to decorating! I hope you enjoy these photos!

Freddy and little Timmy hanging out on the window seat

Mood dining for the dining room

A touch of vintage Halloween for the kitchen

More vintage Halloween for the kitchen

Hello, Mr. Bones

The cats left us trophies ;)

Bat friend watching over us as we sleep

Two friends for the bath

A friendly ghost haunting in the bathroom


  1. Cute! Really love those vintage Halloween decorations in the kitchen!

    1. Thank you Bristol! I've been trying to grow my collection of vintage Halloween :)

  2. You've gone to town on these decorations, looks good! X