Saturday, August 29, 2015

Out To Tea: Summertime Tea at the English Rose

It's been a long while since the last time I properly went out to tea! 

I was so happy when my friend and I finally got to make out for another tea outing last Saturday! We decided to go to the English Rose in nearby Pleasanton, one of my favorite tea places and one that was new to her!

The English Rose is located in downtown Pleasanton among the cute boutique shops. It's a one room tea shop that also has a garden area. I have yet to sit out with tea in their garden area but there's always plenty to enjoy and see in their indoor area. The style of this tea room is distinctly shabby chic and is so cute, girly and, frilly-- a perfect place for a day out with your good lady friends.

For our tea this time around we got a table with great cushy chairs. Right away there was a cookie waiting for us as we sat down! I'm always happy to see a little treat waiting for us at the table upon seating! It's kind of like the chocolate they sometimes leave in hotels on your bed when you check in. Also, early on they offered us samples of their Coconut Chai black tea. I love having a little sample to get you started before you tackle their impressively long tea selection list! Another thing that I really appreciate about having tea here is that before you are served, they come around to your table and offer you warm moist towels to wipe your hands with. I believe this place used to have glasses of water waiting for you when you sat at your table too but I think it's because of the severe drought we've been having in California that they now wait until you ask for water to bring it out. One thing that hasn't changed though, and one of my most favorite things about this place, is that you can change your tea selection as often as you like! If you don't like the tea you selected or even if you just want to sample some of the other flavors, all you have to do is ask for a different tea and they will gladly bring you out a new pot! This time around I started with the Southern Pecan black tea, then had the Cinnamon Chocolate Brownie decaf black tea, and then ended with an Oatmeal Cookie herbal tea. As you can tell, I'm a big fan of the desert teas! Next time I would like to try their Carrot Cake rooibos tea! My friend had the Creme Brulee Black tea and another flavor I can't remember.

It was a great time at tea indeed and always great to spend good time with a good friend.

The English Rose in downtown Pleasanton, CA

Our table set up and waiting for us at the English Rose

A cookie to start at the English Rose

The full tea spread, English Rose, Pleasanton, CA


  1. oh wow what a cute and beautiful little tea it! :)