Friday, February 13, 2015

Matching Your Dress To Your Teaware Part 13: A Peacock In White

I don't know why it took me so long to put these two beauties together!

This peacock teapot by Edie Rose is one I've had in my collection for almost a year and have blogged about it before here. I love that it's a teapot shaped like a peacock. The teapot has texture throughout it's body which gives the peacock's feathers and the flowers added definition. It is a very regal looking teapot. I love the subdued and yet somehow vibrant looking colors on this piece.

Trashy Diva's Katherine Dress in Peacock, like the teapot, has an overall white background with the focal point of the dress being the beautifully and richly colored peacock feathers embroidered throughout the waist and hips. Like the teapot, this dress also has a very regal feel to it. It has a classic 1960's silhouette which exudes grace, elegance, and sophistication.

This dress is actually one of my favorites of Trashy Diva's and was the first dress of theirs that I ever bought. I have it in black but the beauty of the white tempts me to buy this version as well. I found this one from Kittenish Behaviour who has this as well as many other sought after pieces by Trashy Diva.

Edie Rose Peacock Teapot

Trashy Diva's Katherine Dress in Peacock, photo:

Trashy Diva's Katherine Dress in Peacock, photo:


  1. I love that Mum has a peacock teapot like that, I bought it for her one year for her Birthday!! You've match that teapot so well, with that dress though! :)

  2. Another made-for-each-other pairing of teapot and dress!! You're so good at this, it's like you have a radar switched on all the time looking out for matches?! x

    1. Thanks Porcelina. And yes! Since I started doing these perfect pairings I've found that I'm always on the look out for matches. I'm actually so surprised how many matches there are out there! :)