Friday, January 9, 2015

Resolutions for the New Year!

Let's talk about New Years resolutions?

Do you ever make them? Do you keep them?

I think I would say I tend to make New Years resolutions when I really have something I feel like I want to accomplish. Last year, it was keep up with exercising, and the year before I decided I wanted to start exercising. The first year of that resolution I think I did a great job. I was exercising regularly and was keeping to it well enough that the next year I told myself I wanted to keep going with it. Unfortunately, last year I did not do as well as the previous year. Most of that though was due to an injury I got to my knees while running.

I should have gone to the doctor's and have had them check it out but everything I read on the internet (hello Dr. Google) made it sound like I just got runner's knees and that there really isn't anything any doctors can do for it (usually) and that the best thing to do is rest it and not try to push it before it's ready. Well, here I am almost 4 months later and while my knees don't seem to bother me regularly or ordinarily, I do noticed that it hurts if I try to bend my knees all the way back, or when I try to kneel. Nevermind trying to sit on my knees! That is, on the one hand, a huge improvement from where I was when limping around 2-4 months ago, but I am a little worried that it's still bothering me. Perhaps part of my New Years resolution this year will be to finally go to the doctor and see what they say?

Anyhow, that's just a little background to my past New Years resolution. This year, aside from going to the doctor to finally get my knees checked out, my New Years resolution for 2015 is to try not to spend too much money on dresses... and by not too much I really mean hardly any at all.

In past years, I made up a plan that I was only going to try and buy dresses on sale. This actually has worked out great! I've found that there are so many sales going on throughout the year and from so many different retailers that being patient really is not so hard. And for the most part, any dresses I missed out on the first go around I found I was able to get them later whether it be that they came back in stock on the retailer's website or whether I found it on ebay later on. My plan for this year goes one step further.... because I'm really not in the position to spend any money at all due to vet bills and also because my car unexpected died and I had to get a new (used) car and now have car payments again, I am resolving that for any dress I buy I will sell something of mine to make up the money. I've had such luck with finding awesome finds on ebay and in swap and sell groups, and I already had good success selling things on ebay and in these groups last year, that it kind of seems like the right thing to do to add to this swap and sell circle of happiness. Also, I figured this is a great idea because my closet can hold no more. Absolutely not another item!

And so there it goes... my New Years resolution! I'm sure at some point I will run out of things I'm willing to part with but hopefully by then there will be more things in my closet that I will then be willing to part ways with.

Also, never fear readers if you are one that looks forward to dress reviews... I still have quite a bit of dress reviews to catch up on from last year that didn't make it's way to the blog yet and also, already one dress I bought this year (used) that I was able to sell other things to get... swap and sell is in action :)

Here's to keeping up with New Year's resolutions and here's to wishing you all a good 2015. 


  1. What a clever idea, doing the swapping. I agree that I'm at the point where my closet can't hold anymore, so as well as doing the 100 day shopping day I'm also having a ruthless clear-out and getting rid of loads of things! Good luck, and i hope your knee heals up properly. x

  2. Thanks Porcelina! Getting rid of things is so hard for me... while I've been good the last couple years of getting rid and donating my more casual clothing if it's stuff I haven't worn in years or things I don't feel comfortable in anymore, parting with my dresses (which make up the bulk of my closet) is a lot harder... I think it would be so much harder if I didn't have the goal in mind of something specific I wanted to replace it with ;) Good luck with your closet clear-out! I know closet clear-outs are hard to do!

  3. that's a great plan for saving money for vet bills and with your wardrobe it should work well

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    1. Thanks Katherine! Hopefully I won't run out of things I'm willing to part with too soon though! ;)