Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sipping Warm Tea On A Saturday In October

In my last post I featured an Outfit of the Day for a Saturday of both tea time and a wedding. 

Well, since I do love blogging about tea time, here is my post on tea time with my mother-in-law.

The weather was fair and my mother-in-law and I had a morning of antiquing at My Friends And I during their annual Christmas open house. What makes it a Christmas open house you may ask? Well I asked the same thing, hence the reason I wanted to check it out. There didn't seem to be be anything super special about this day at My Friends And I other than the 10% off your purchase, larger crowds, and a few Christmas items out for sale. Still I had a great time browsing around and even picked up some vintage buttons and belt buckles for future sewing projects.

After attending My Friends And I's open house my mother-in-law and I went out to tea at my favorite local teatime spot, Tyme For Tea just a few doors down.

The food was delicious. The scones were detectible, the savories scrumptious, and the sweets decadent. It was everything I have come to know and expect from Tyme For Tea. I sipped on a nice warm pot of almond coconut macaroon black tea while leisurely sitting and enjoying good conversation and company.

The Table Is Set At Tyme For Tea, Niles, CA

Cute Teacup Napkin Ring At Tyme For Tea, Niles, CA

Tea Menu, Tyme For Tea, Niles, CA

Tea Menu, Tyme For Tea, Niles, CA

Warm Cuppa

Blueberry Lemon Scone With A Warm Cup Of Tea

Tea Sandwiches and Savories

(Photo Missing) 

Opps! I forgot to take a picture of the sweets. We were too quick to eat these. Petit fours, brown sugar cookies, and peanut butter honeycomb balls.

Time Well Spent


  1. Looks like it was a lovely tea! Scones with creme fraiche though? It's got to be clotted cream for me!! x

    1. It was a lovely tea indeed Porcelina! :) But no creme fraiche. It was more like a fresh whipped cream. Here in the States it is hard to find a tearoom that would offer creme fraiche or clotted cream. Sadly, I have never tried either. Regular sweet whipped cream is more or less all you'll find.

  2. Looks lovely. I would like to go somewhere like this right now.