Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Feeling 60's

Summer is on its way out but before the cold weather starts I wanted to be sure to get to go out in my houndstooth flats!

And what better way to wear houndstooth flats than to wear it with a 1960's style drop waist dress!

I wore this on Saturday labor day weekend out to ice cream with the hubby then to a movie (Guardians of the Galaxy) and then out to dinner.

Outfit of the Day:

For this outing I picked out my houndstooth flats by Volatile which I got last year from DSW. I wore this with a 1960's style drop waist dress by Maggie London from Nordstrom Rack. I then topped off this look with a sequined black headband and oval rimmed sunglasses from the Coach Outlet. 

Maggie London Dress, Volatile Houndstooth Flats- Front View

Maggie London Dress, Volatile Houndstooth Flats- Side View

Houndstooth Flats, Volatile- Close Up

Finishing Off The 60's Look With Oval Rimmed Coach Sunglasses


  1. Your houndstooth flats are so cute and they go so perfectly with that dress! Love the color and the drop waist!


    1. Thank you Rebecca! I love your looks too! :)

  2. This is such a beautiful outfit! You look gorgeous. What a great color!