Saturday, August 16, 2014

Awesome Ebay Finds!

I'm always scouting for a great bargain whether that be through an awesome sale or someone selling an awesome dress on ebay for a great price!

Recently, I got super lucky on ebay and found two great dresses at a great price.

Bernie Dexter Rocketship Dress:

My first find was a Bernie Dexter Rocketship dress (also sold on Modcloth as the Space Mod-ity dress). I have long admired Bernie Dexter's dresses but had yet to buy any. When I saw this dress on ebay in my size going for only $40 I decided now was the time! Since I've never tried on any of Bernie Dexter's dresses I didn't know how the sizing would work out for me. I'm a pretty solid size large, unless it's a brand that runs small like Steady, so I decided more than likely this dress should fit. But then also, I wasn't sure how the sleeves would be. Usually sleeves on a cotton dress can be a bit of a pain since the cotton has little to no stretch. I was a little apprehensive.

When this dress came in the mail I saw that it was perfect! Perfect in every way! The design on it was so cute, the quality was great, no damages, no spots or stains, and the sizing was perfect! Even the sleeves fit perfect! It turns out Bernie Dexter knows what she's doing with designing dresses! I have to say, I am really impressed with the fit of the sleeves. The sleeves fit with lots of room for movement without looking like there's lots of room! No football player arms here! And no restricted movement/sausage casing arms either! Just perfect comfort and style!

This dress is a light blue fit and flair dress with sleeves and a full flared skirt. There are cute little rockets printed though out the dress: rockets with diagonal dark orange and salmon colored stripes, rockets with light yellow and dark yellow diagonal stripes, rockets with light blue and lighter blue diagonal stripes, turquoise rockets with light blue diamonds/harlequin patterns, and light blue rockets with yellow diamonds/harlequin print. So many rockets! And they are all lined up with each other making a striped pattern of rockets on the dress. The sleeves are cuffed in white with decorative button accents on each sleeve and the neckline has a slightly triangular collar in white which also is accented with a button. The triangular collar gives it a bit of a atomic 1950's sci-fi vibe, especially reverberated against the rockets print of the dress! The buttons on the sleeves and collar are white plastic buttons with a geometric texture though out its body and a hint of sparkle with a rhinestone center. The look is finished off with a thick white patent leather looking belt. This dress has a back zip and two small hidden pockets! It is made with 100% cotton for easy care and wear!

Bernie Dexter Rocketship Dress- Front View

Bernie Dexter Rocketship Dress- Front View

Bernie Dexter Rocketship Dress- Side View

Bernie Dexter Rocketship Dress- Back View

Bernie Dexter Rocketship Dress- Close Up Collar Detail

Bernie Dexter Rocketship Dress- Close Up Side Detail

Patent Leather Like Gabriella Rocha White Kitten Heels To Go Perfectly With the Patent Leather Type White Belt

Pinup Couture Havana Nights Dress in Warm Toned Cabana Stripes:

The Havana Nights dress in warm toned cabana stripes by Pinup Couture is probably one of my most surprising dress finds on ebay. I say surprising because it's one of those dresses I've seen online without too much thought about it and then saw it selling on ebay and thought it was cute enough to bid $48 on especially when it was new with tags still. But when I got it in the mail, it completely blew me away! This dress is a fit and flared v-neckline dress made out of a cotton/spandex blend... and that's where I was led astray. Thinking it was a mostly cotton dress I pictured it would be your regular run of the mill cotton dress, more or less light weight, with a decently flared skirt. This dress is anything but your regular run of the mill light weight cotton! This dress is super dense! The bodice is made of super thick cotton and is lined with a silky black material. The skirt is equally as thick and the weightiness of the material helps completely to keep the shape of the skirt.

The colors of this dress are orange, pink, purple, brown and yellow. The stripes are arranged in a chevron pattern at the bust, back, and in the skirt. The dress comes with a matching grommet belt that finishes off the look. This dress also comes with pockets! As impressed as I am with this dress, one thing I found odd was that there are no belt loops on the dress. It happens, but I wish it didn't.

I got this dress in my usual size large which fits a little tight in the waist but other than that, the fit is just fine for my 39"-31"-38, 5'3" frame.

Pinup Couture Havana Nights Dress- Front View

Pinup Couture Havana Nights Dress- Front View

Pinup Couture Havana Nights Dress- Side View
Pinup Couture Havana Nights Dress- Back View

Pinup Couture Havana Nights Dress- Close Up


  1. Christina, those finds are amazing! I snagged a Stop Staring dress off Ebay once but haven't had any luck since then with the vintage repro. I love the fit of the rocketship dress, and the collar detail is adorable. And the colours of that second dress are really flattering on you! Well done, you're a bargain hunter extraordinaire! x

    1. Thanks Porcelina! I was having really good luck on those finds! I know what you mean though. Just after I bought these two all the other dresses I was watching went way up in price. I guess I got these two before more people decided to look. :) I've also had some luck in the past with Etsy... I picked up a Stop Staring dress for super cheap (I don't think the lady knew what she had... it was listed as an 80's dress). And I picked up a Bettie Page dress for pretty cheap from Etsy too. I keep looking on both Etsy and Ebay because every now and then a great deal does come along! ;)