Saturday, July 26, 2014

Matching Your Dress To Your Teaware, Part 3

Red toile is the theme today!  

One of my very first tea sets was Johnson Brothers' Old Britain Castles Pink. It was my second tea set to be exact (my very first was Johnson Brothers' Blue Willow.)

Johnson Brothers' Old Britain Castles Pink Tea Set has a whitish-cream background with reddish-pink toile motifs of English country scenes. What I really love about this set, besides it being red toile, very intricate, and having 18th century landscapes, is that the body of the teapot is slightly squared and the teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl are all footed. Also, the lid has a little handle rather than the usual circular knob which coordinates well with its overall rectangular body.

Johnson Brothers' Old Britain Castles Pink
Johnson Brothers' Old Britain Castles Pink

And speaking of coordinating well... what a fantasy it would be to have full on 18th century style tea party with all the vintage accoutrements, full on costumes, and footmen in white wigs to serve the guests? Well, the footmen might be a bit overkill... But on another note, if you can't have the footmen, I do think the Bernie Dexter Petal Pin Up dress in Red Toile would make a perfect pairing for a Red Toile tea party with the Johnson Brothers' Old Britain Castles Pink Tea Set!

Close Up: Bernie Dexter Petal Pinup Dress in Red Toile, photo

Bernie Dexter Petal Pinup Dress in Red Toile, photo

Bernie Dexter's Petal Pinup dress in Red Toile features a red toile design of elegant 18th century couples enjoying some time in the open countryside. This dress has a scallop detailed neckline as well as coordinating scallop detail on the sleeves. It appears too that red stitching finishes up the skirt. This dress is 100% cotton and also comes with a self fabric belt and hidden lipstick pockets! With all these details I don't think it's hard to see why this dress is on the top of my dress wishlist! <3

How lovely these two things go together! It makes me so happy seeing these two things on the same page! :)

UPDATE 09/24/2015

I am so happy I finally was able to pick up something in Bernie Dexter's Red Toile Print. I have to share the pics with you all :) I ended up getting the Sugar Doll dress rather than the Petal Pinup dress but the match in the print is everything I hoped it would be! <3

What do you all think? Match made in heaven right?

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