Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Belated Double Kitty Birthday Party!

Un tres joyuex anniversaire pour mes chats!

Which means a very happy birthday for my cats. Not too shabby for remembering all that high school French!

My dad started the tradition in our house of celebrating Murkurie's birthday when she turned 1 back in 1996. I still remember the Cold Stone ice cream cake he got her. There's a picture somewhere of it with me with a very bad home-made haircut having to hold Merk off the table by the cake otherwise she would have really just gone for that cake! She did get a slice of it but just a little bit. There was a lot of forgotten birthdays between then and the last couple years but I'm happy that for the last couple of years we have not forgotten to give her some kind of birthday bash!

This year we celebrated late and decided to celebrate with a double birthday since both Merk and Wolfgang have birthdays in April and it was now May. I am also late in posting this blog... This happened during the first weekend of May.

Getting the Party Ready! Kitty Tea Cups of Cat Sip, Kitty Tea Pots, and Birthday Cakes!

A Cake For Murkurie and a Cake For Wolfgang

For Merk's birthday I got her a single layer white cake with lots of pink and lots of icing. She likes icing!
For Wolf, I got him a tiramisu. I don't think he really cares for cake so I picked out one I like ;)

We invited all the house cats to come so I set up four cups and saucers of Cat Sip but unfortunatly only two cats showed up. Wolf was a no show for his own birthday party! And I didn't really expect B.K. to come since she's feral and all but I thought it would be nice to invite her.

Murkurie Inspecting the Kitty Birthday Cakes

Merk Likes Her Cake Most

Cats Having Fun At the Double Kitty Birthday Party

C.C. Cookie Also Wants to Inspect the Kitty Birthday Cakes

Action Shot! Kitties Having Fun!

Candles Are Lit!

Merk Is a Bit of a Pyromaniac

Watch Out Merk!

Happy 19th Birthday Murkurie! Happy 2nd Birthday Wolfgang!

Happy 19th birthday Murkurie! Happy 2nd birthday Wolfgang! Wishing you good health, lots of good comfy warm cat naps, lots of chicken treats and cracker treats, and wishing you many more happy kitty birthdays to come!

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