Monday, March 24, 2014

The Vintage Dancer Dress, A.K.A. Hell Bunny's Claudia Dress

I'm a big fan of Hell Bunny. 

I don't think there's been one Hell Bunny dress I've tried on that I haven't loved. This dress is no exception. New for Hell Bunny's spring/summer 2014 line, I picked this up at Modcloth back in February with a coupon code. :)

The combination of the broad collar, the double breasted bodice, the large self belt, the circle skirt silhouette, and the navy with white polka dot print all work together to make this the definitive 1950's dress! The picture collar on this dress beautifully frames the face and the stark white color of the collar seems to add a glow to the skin! Also, the collar features a dainty crocheted scalloped edging to it that I wasn't expecting. Another feature of this dress that I love is that this dress has full sleeves. It can be hard to move around in sometimes because of the sleeves but it is such a unique find to see sleeves on reproduction retro style dresses that to me it's fully worth the slight inconvenience. The dress is a medium to heavy weight cotton material which helps give the dress a nice shape to it even without a crinoline.  There is a back zipper, and two out of four of the buttons in the front of this dress are fully functioning. I'm glad that not all the buttons are fully functioning so that you have the look without all the fussiness. As is my usual, I ordered this dress in large which proved to be a great fit for my 38-31-38, 5'3" frame.

The Claudia Dress by Hell Bunny, Front View

The Claudia Dress by Hell Bunny, Side View

The Claudia Dress by Hell Bunny, Back View

Crocheted Scalloped Edging Detail on Collar, Hell Bunny Claudia Dress


  1. Ooo I can't believe that's from Hell Bunny! They used to be quite gothic or rockabilly, but I think they've really started to do a few Stop Staring style dresses at a far more affordable price. This one looks fabulous on you, what a great buy x

    1. Thank you Porcelina! Yes, I love Hell Bunny! I love that they are doing more retro style dresses. I discovered Hell Bunny right when they seemed to be transitioning from goth to more retro style stuff a couple years ago around the time they came out with the Monty dress... While they still come out with their super playful patterns (i.e. crazy patterns-- zombie unicorns and stuff) I really love their more retro reproduction styles. I think I read somewhere that they started another line called Spin Doctor maybe last year which focuses mostly on their goth type dresses. I really love their prices! For quality and design they definitely seem to have the lowest prices, though I did notice that they're prices seem to be going up slightly? But maybe that's just me? I noticed that everyone's prices seem to be going up... Hell Bunny, Stop Staring, Bettie Page... :(