Friday, February 7, 2014

Meet the Silver Cats!

A.K.A. My Life with the Thrill Kat Kult!

When I'm at home, I can't be anywhere in the house without spotting at least one of my loveable feline family members. They may pop up in my other blog posts, they may get caught in a picture or two, or I may have to grab one or two of them to specifically be in a picture. ;) As they say, all cats have their own personalities and no two are alike so I figured I will devote a post just to introducing you to my lovely cats.

We are a cat family for sure. We have four beautiful kitties that live with us in the house and at the moment one stray cat that lives outside.

Murkurie is the little sweetheart of the bunch.

She is a gray kitty with yellowish green eyes and subtle stripes on her tail. I got her from a friend when my friend next door's cat had kittens. From what I remember she was the runt of the litter. She was born in April 1995 which makes her now 18 years old! I was 13 when I got her and she's been with me ever since... we have been together for more than half my life :) She is my BFF forever.When she was younger she was the most bold and adventurous cat I ever came across. We had to guard the door with our lives because if we even opened it a crack she would bolt for it running down the street. I remember one morning when I was getting ready for school I opened the sliding door to grab something just outside and she ran through it like a bat out of hell! I had to go chasing her down the dry creek bed in my pajamas that morning. The funny thing about that day is that as soon as she got to the bottom of the creek bed she froze not knowing what do next. Be it front door, back door, door to the garage there was no stopping her from rushing at it at any little crack of the door.

Another thing we had to guard with our lives around her was kitchen garbage cans. There is no count for the amount of times I found her with the garbage can knocked over and that discarded chicken leg that was at the very bottom of the can (with the garbage can having been underneth the sink in the cabinet) in her mouth! Her tail twitching up and down, giving me the crazy eyes when I catch her with garbage all around her. I believe she would have been a very happy garbage cat living outside... she always tried to tell me that was her preference in life.

We are good friends though and I'm sure she would not have really wanted to live away. She and I have always loved each other very much. When she was young we would play chase around the house. First I would tuck my knees a little in, then start chasing her and we would run around the house swerving around furniture and through hallways. Then abruptly I would stop, jump in the air, then run away and she would chase me in the same way. It was a fun game we used to always play that I could never convince my friends that we actually did play chase.. that is until Tim finally witnessed it himself.

Her wet nose rubs and biting on my pen and eye glasses when I was doing homework was endless.

She is much older now but just as crazy and just as loving. She still gives lots of wet noses, especially in the morning when she knows it's time for breakfast! She'll actually wake me up, walking all over me even though her balance is not that good anymore and I can feel her little paws slip onto the bed sometimes. If I don't wake up from her on me or from her wet nose all over my face she will start with her little love bits. When she really means business she will get right up in my face and go..."MEOW!" She is a very quiet cat so it takes a lot to get her meowing!

Her favorite things are her heat pad, her wet food, chicken, chicken skins, chicken grease, butter, and hot chocolate. I don't let her have the last four things on the list but sometimes if it's in her reach she will just go ahead and take it!

Murkurie is so beautiful... I always tell her she should be a model!

C.C. Cookie is the sassy one. She doesn't really have too much going on up in her head but she has a lot of heart in her. (Poor C.C.)

We found C.C. Cookie (short for Chocolate Chip Cookie) hiding underneath some bushes by Tim's front door soon after we first started dating. She was just a small little thing not faring too well living outside. She was starved, had all sorts of sores all over, infections in her eyes and ears, and were even missing a lot of her teeth. She was so weak she didn't even try to run when we saw us.. humans! Tim brought her into his house, took her to vet, potty trained her, and showed her lots of love. The vet told us he estimated her to be 7 years old but we found that when she first got brought into the house and got brought back to good health she grew in size by almost twice her size and not just her belly. Her whole frame grew... so I really suspect she must have just been a young kitten maybe around a year old or less. Also because the way she was with us, not biting when we tried to touch her and taking easily to living with humans I strongly think she must have been someone's pet at first... though how she was not potty trained I don't know in this scenario. In any case, she is now with us and part of the family. It was hard bringing her into the house and socializing her with Murkurie after Tim and I moved in together but after many agonizing months there was unity in our house again. C.C. is Tim's girl through and through. Though I love her and get love in return from her she knows her true loyalty is to Tim the one who rescued her and gave her a real home.

Wolfgang and Black Kitty came together as a pair.

We found them a few months after we came home from our honeymoon, a mom cat and her kitten cowering in front of our fence in the front yard. I told Tim to leave those two cats alone knowing they were feral and thinking the feral mama would want to raise her young cat in the wild... also I was thinking since there was only the one kitten maybe they were working their way to a whole litter of kittens. Of course Tim could not resist petting the kitten though and then after a while we kept catching them trying to cross the street. We got worried that they would get run over so Tim put both of them in our back yard. The next day we caught them again trying to cross the street so Tim put them in the garage until the kitten was at least weened from the mom. But boy did that kitten make a racket at the door between the garage and the kitchen! So we left the door between the garage and the kitchen open and eventually both the mom and the baby wandered into the house (the kitten much sooner than the mom). After the baby was weened we did not have the heart to adopt out the kitten but we also did not have the heart of separate the mom from her baby so we kept them both and turned out two kitty house into a four kitty house.

Poor Black Kitty is a feral cat and is still afraid of us but she is in the house now and has free roam around the house. She will reluctantly come close to us when she wants wet food rather than the dry food that's left out. I caught her a few times laying on our bed and I try not to scare her when I see her.

Although she is feral and is afraid I don't think she has any desire to leave to the house. Sometimes we leave the door open and she sees it but makes no move to run out. We hope that overtime she will be less afraid and will be happy in her new home.

Wolfgang was a firecracker from the start! We think we might have left him alone with his mom too early in life so he does not really know how to love. He knows how to bite and play and play bite. He's calmed down over time and I hope as he gets older he will learn how to love more. Wolfgang grew up an only kitten in his litter. We found out from neighbors shortly after we took him and BK in that BK only had two kittens and that one didn't make it. This might also be another reason why he's so weird... that he didn't have any litter mates to play with and learn from.

Wolfgang is the youngest of all our cats but he is also the biggest! Also, he likes to throw his weight around and boss his humans and the other cats around but he's really just a little scaredy cat that gets spooked easy. Oh Wolfgang! He's actually got quite the personality as you can see from his pictures.

And there you have it, our house full of cats! <3

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