Sunday, January 12, 2014

First outfit of the year...

And here it is...

My first outfit of the year! Well, I actually wore this last weekend on the first weekend of January but it's taken me a while to post about it. After a week of winter break, hibernating at home, barely leaving the house and thus mostly staying in my pajamas and catching up on my shows or throwing on jeans to do quick stops out somewhere, I still didn't much feel like getting too glammed up in a dress and with the weather in California being pretty decent for the dead of winter (something close to 63 degrees!) I opted to go for an easy separates combination: the Freddie Knitted Top in Burgundy by Collectif, a faux wool houndstooth printed pencil skirt by Amanda + Chelsea from Nordstrom Rack, and velvet mary jane slippers from Urban Outfitters. You can't see it but these slippers are furry on the inside keeping my feet nice and warm! Also, taking a cue from Lana Winters from American Horror Story: Asylum, the finishing touch is a monogram brooch by Berricle from Amazon.

Outfit of the day, Outfit #1

Tim and I were busy all day Saturday running errands: dropping off his computer at the computer store for his own special secret project, then going to Joann's for supplies for my upcoming craft projects, picking up food for the cats at Petco, and picking up some a few groceries for us... we did have a break in the day for lunch with my sister at the new Mexican place by our house. It was the old Mexican place, La Cocina, which was one of my favorites for Mexican because they always had great horchata and good fish tacos but at some point La Cocina got a fresh coat of orange paint, changed ownership, and got a name change. It wasn't as good as the old place I remember but Tim liked their ceviche and they didn't charge us for extra sauces and sour cream.

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