Friday, January 31, 2014

Back to the 1930's

Oh Modcloth, how I love thee, let me count the ways...

1.... They offer free shipping for orders over $50, which would probably mean most all orders
2.... They offer free shipping back to them for returns or exchanges
3.... They carry hard to find brands such as Collectif, Fleet Collection, Trollied Dolly, and
       BAIT Footwear
4.... I often find stuff on Modcloth I don't see anywhere else!
5.... Really, what more do you need? ;)

UK company Banned... never heard of them. But they came out with this lovely 1930's style dress which when I saw Modcloth was down to the last two in my size I had to make the purchase rather than risk losing it forever!

This dress is a light rose pink with peplum around the sides and along the back of the dress. It has an oversized white collar outlined with black ribbon which features a black bow neck. The white cuffs of the dress are also outlined with black ribbon and also have their own black bows. This dress if fully lined and has a zipper in the back. It's made from polyester which isn't a very authentic fabric for the design but for the unique vintage design and overall quality of the dress I was quite surprised and impressed at the price. I sized up to a UK size 16 as suggested by Modcloth's website and the dress fit my 38-30-38, 5'3" frame just right.

I tried to visit Banned's website but apparently unless you are a retailer you'll get locked out of their site. Too bad because I would love to see what other designs they have out. For now, five dresses come up on Modcloth's website when you search Banned including this beautiful dress, the "Envision Success Dress" which goes so perfectly with my cloche hats!


  1. SUPER cute! And you're right, it looks great with the cloche. :D Also, love all your kitty things! Cat ladies unite! :)

    1. Yay! Thanks Kali! Thanks for checking out my blog. Also yes!!! Cat ladies' solidarity! :D

  2. Yay! Thanks Kali! Thanks for checking out my blog. Also yes!!! Cat ladies' solidarity! :D

  3. How cute!! Absolutely love all your dresses. P x

    1. Thank you Porcelina! And I love your dresses as well! In fact, the dress you are wearing in your profile picture was my first ever retro style dress that got me started. :) Love Stop Staring! Thank you for checking out my blog! <3 !!

    2. Opps Porcelina, not your profile picture but your headline picture on your blog I meant. :)