Monday, November 17, 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Sixties Stripes

Hello Kittens!

This past Saturday Tim and I had a few errands to run. It was hardly all work and no play though. To start off with, Tim and I went to the local retro/vintage reproduction shop, Vintage Alley, and had fun shopping for the Mister. Retro style is not Tim's cup of tea but he did humor me by saying let's go get him a few dressy shirts for when we go out to fancier style events. And boy do they have men's shirts galore there! After having a blast shopping we went and had crepes for lunch then on to my mother-in-law's house to check on and play with her kitties while she was away for the weekend. And as I like to do, if you're going to step out, you might as well step out in style!

Outfit of the day:

For this day's activities, since it's still Fall and there's a crisp coolness in the air without being too overly cold, I decided to wear my Bettie Page Fever dress. The Fever dress is perfect for Fall. It has a super cute mod styling that while has a shorter skirt, the longer sleeves keep you nice and warm. I paired this with a pair of navy flats though in retrospect, it may be time for me to get some red flats ;)

Bettie Page Fever Dress- Front View

Bettie Page Fever Dress- Side View

Do you have any season specific dresses?


  1. That really is the perfect dress for this season! Yesterday I layered up more of a Spring dress with a slip underneath, cardigan on top, and tights. But today there's definitely more of a nip in the air so I am looking forward to delving into the more winter appropriate dresses in my wardrobe. I stocked up on some in second hand sales over the summer, better bargains that way! x

    1. Can't wait to see your outfit. I hope you will be doing an outfit post on your blog Porcelina. I just recently rotated my closet to get all the cooler weather dresses out myself... probably hence the fall dress ;) That's a great idea and way to get a great deal on dresses. I love getting a great deal and bargain on good dresses! :D

  2. I think if I had this dress or one in a similar style I'd be bringing out some heeled knee high boots - and probably a beret, as I love berets with everything in the cold weather :) I'd love more warmer dresses like this one - something that would hold its own as an outfit in itself... but it's actually surprisingly hard to find similar styles out there with long sleeves. I think pretty much all of my dresses are season-specific because of the sleeves thing - short=summer, mid=transitional, long=winter! CC x

    1. I could totally see you in high boots CiCi! I agree with you, this dress totally screams a need for some knee high boots! I don't know if I would be able to pull them off though. I'm not really a seasoned high heel wearer (not even chunky high heels)... thus, the reason for always wearing flats ;) I'm thinking high heeled boots would probably be even harder to wear than just regular high heels? I love the idea of a beret with this though! That I can do! :D Can't wait to see how your wardrobe transitions with the seasons. I totally agree that longer sleeves dresses can be challenging to find.