Thursday, March 27, 2014

Outfit of the Day- Wild Animal Party

Hello Kittens!

On Sunday this past weekend Tim and I went to my parents' house for a "Wild Animal" party for my Grandma who just turned 83! The theme was to dress in animal print.

My grandma's a cool lady. She loves animal print everything, drives around a Ford Mustang (or at least she did while she still had a drivers license), and has a knack for history, especially ancient Egypt. She even got to go on a trip to Egypt a few years ago and rode a camel.

When she was younger she used to run a cattery called Lumarpo with my grandfather, a name they picked which was a combination of their names Louis, Margaret, and Polito just like how Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz had Desilu. This was all while she worked full-time as a nurse and took care of 5 kids. For a while I thought about naming my blog after her and using her cattery name Lumarpo but ultimately decided to do something all my own with Silver Cat Tea Party. Anyway, one thing I also think is real cool about my grandma is that her two best friends were two guys, Boris and Larry, who happened to be a gay couple she met while doing the cat show circuit. She must have met them sometime in the early sixties when she was the most heavily involved in cat shows. She was good friends with them from then on. I remember taking a trip with her to Chicago to go see them in the early 2000s. I always thought it was so cool that her two best friends were gay guys, especially considering that back then I wouldn't have imagined most people to be all that open-minded. Heck, even now, it would seem remarkable to say someone's grandma is best friends with two gay guys. 

Anyway, I love my grandma and am glad I got to celebrate her 83rd birthday with her. I hope she will be around for many more birthdays!

And as promised, here is my outfit of the day...

Outfit of the Day!

For the day's festivities I wore my Lucky 13 Scarlet Letter Leopard dress which I got from Angry Young and Poor. It wasn't terribly warm that day and I didn't feel like wearing the usual cardigan with this dress so I changed things up and wore it with a short-sleeved sweater I got from my sister. The label on the sweater says Frenchy so I know she got it from Nordstrom, her favorite store ;). I paired this with a rhinestone cat ears headband I got from the local retro shop Vintage Alley, a retro style monogram brooch I got from Amazon, some cat eye glasses, and my trusty black flats from the Gap Outlet.

Lucky 13 Scarlet Letter Leopard Dress- Front View

Lucky 13 Scarlet Letter Leopard Dress- Side View

Lucky 13 Scarlet Letter Leopard Dress with Sweater- Front View

Lucky 13 Scarlet Letter Leopard Dress with Sweater- Side View

Close Up- Cat Ears Headband

Did you spot C.C. Cookie?

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