Monday, March 31, 2014

Smells Like a Cat

Around Christmas time at Kohl's I first saw Katy Perry's perfumes, Purr and Meow.

I can't really say I'm a fan of Katy Perry but I did think her cat-shaped perfume bottles were the cutest. And it was a bonus that the perfumes actually smelt pretty good too. I got a gift set of Purr for myself and as a gift to my cat-loving mother-in-law, but being on a budget I couldn't also get the Meow. While it's been on my wishlist (along with a bazillion other things) I was ecstatic to randomly find it at Marshalls the other day. Now the two kitties can be together.

Purr has a floral feminine scent that isn't too old or too young but is just right. It's the kind of perfume to wear daily or even on a night out. The scent is described as "combining top notes of peach, forbidden apple, gardenia and green bamboo with the heart of jasmine, pink freesia and Bulgarian rose and the base of vanilla orchid, creamy sandalwood, white amber, coconut and musk" ( Purr is the first perfume in Katy Perry's perfume line.

Meow, on the other hand, while also has a floral feminine scent to it, also has a sugary aspect to its smell. This scent is much younger in feeling and much more playful. It's the kind of perfume to wear in spring and summer while out with the gals or frolicking on the beach.  The scent is described as "[opening] with notes of tangerine, pear, jasmine and gardenia; the heart are honeysuckle, lily of the valley and orange blossom, while the sweet base features aromas of amber, vanilla, sandalwood and musk",  and is farther described as being "inspired by the magical land of Candyfornia" ( Meow is the second perfume in Katy Perry's perfume line.

Katy Perry's Purr and Meow

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