Thursday, February 20, 2014

A bit of personal flair!

"Different," she said, "with a special something and a very very personal flair."

LOL. Okay I get show tunes stuck in my head. Love "At the Ballet" from A Chorus Line. But I digress...

As some of you might have noticed I love my Chinese inspired velvet Mary Janes I got from Urban Outfitters over the Christmas season. They are slowly becoming my new go-to shoe for stepping out. They are flats which is my favorite kind of shoe to wear, plus they are furry on the inside which help keep my feet and toes warm even when it's cold and I'm not wearing tights. But at times, they could seem a little plain. So I got the idea to jazz these up a bit with hair flowers turned shoe clips!

I found these hair clips at Forever 21 and took them home for a whooping $1.50. I love Forever 21! While I like them as hair clips just fine, I figured they would be better served as shoe clips :)

And here you go! Pictures!

Why, Hello There Kitty!

Flower hair clips + velvet Mary Janes with furry lining = Fun new quick project!

Aren't They Lovely?

Side View

Top View

The Curious Case of C.C. Cookie with Wolfgang in the background

I love fun quick projects! Don't you? :)

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