Friday, July 18, 2014

More Modcloth Finds: 50% Off Sale!

During the last couple of weeks Modcloth was having an awesome 50% off sale!

During this sale I snagged a few things ;)

The Chic Companion Skirt in Chat by Bea and Dot is a fun modern take on the 1950's poodle skirt. This is a essentially a poodle skirt with a cat! The material of the skirt is a flowly, heavier weight polyester/spandex blend and has a good drape to it. I think this skirt would be perfect with a petticoat to really show off the silky white cat which is stitched onto the front lower corner of the skirt. It has a shape without a petticoat but the cat does get a little lost in the folds of the skirt when it is worn as is.

I paired this skirt here with a vintage white 1950's blouse from Etsy and B.A.I.T. Ida black and white kitten heels... a perfect pairing for this 50's style skirt!

Also, for those who are unfamiliar with the brand, it seems that Bea and Dot is Modcloth's house brand and are their own in-house designs. Apparently Bea and Dot was named after Modcloth's Founder, Susan Koger's two grandmothers. Myrtlewood is another house brand of Modcloth's. At least this is what I read on blogger's Cathey with an E's blog. Makes since as the label for the Bea and Dot skirt read: Bea and Dot By Modcloth. ;)

Bea and Dot Chic Companion Skirt- Front View

Bea and Dot Chic Companion Skirt- Front View

Bea and Dot Chic Companion Skirt- Side View

Bea and Dot Chic Companion Skirt- Back View

Bea and Dot Chic Companion Skirt- Cat Close Up

Another great find which I was especially excited about is the Off Tropic Dress by Collectif A.K.A. Collectif's Tullulah Tropical Toucan print dress.

The Tullulah Tropical Toucan print dress is a sarong style dress (the first in my dress collection!). This dress has wider shoulder straps, a ruched fitted bustline, a back zip, and a self fabric belt with a bamboo buckle! The fabric is a thickly woven cotton print which has fun pink flamingos, blue and teal leaves, pink, yellow, and white plumaria, black and white toucans, white and blue birds, and yellow pineapples! The thickly woven texture of the fabric gives this dress a true vintage look!

While I absolutely love the print, the material, and the design of this sarong style dress, the fit of it is extremely weird. I chatted with a Modcloth stylist about what size I should get since on the Modcloth website it says to order a size down but also that there is no stretch in the fabric. She advised that my best bet would be to go with my usual size large since a medium might be too tight around the waist. Once this dress arrived I was dismayed to find that the top was extremely big and the waist was also a little big. Also, a strange thing about this dress is that the back zip is able to zip a good distance down the length of the dress but the opening of the liner on the inside of the dress actually stops a good distance from the end of the zipper, restricting the opening for wiggling into the dress. While size-wise I might actually have been able to order a size down, the weird lining closing the back before the end of the zipper would have completely prevented me from getting into the dress.

In any case, I pulled some seams in on the sides of the dress (thank goodness there were no side zippers!) and on the waist darts. I made these alterations as just a quick fix without doing a super professional job and without undoing the lining first, but because of the super busy pattern on the dress it is completely unnoticeable!

I probably wouldn't have put as much effort into this dress if it wasn't such a steal and if it didn't have the flamingos and the super cool thickly woven true vintage looking fabric. After the sale price discount and after a $20 credit from their refer a friend program (!!!! :D People I know are awesome for trying them out. You know who you are ;)) I ended up getting this dress for only $30!

Tullulah Tropical Toucan Print Dress, Collectif- Front View

Tullulah Tropical Toucan Print Dress, Collectif- Side View

Tullulah Tropical Toucan Print Dress, Collectif- Back View

Tullulah Tropical Toucan Print Dress, Collectif- Close Up

Collectif is a U.K. based vintage reproduction company which features awesome designs. One thing I really love about their clothing is that they don't only focus on dresses as most vintage repro brands seem to do but also have an extensive collection of tops, blouses, cardigans, and even pants! I often hesitate on ordering their stuff though since shipping from the UK is rather high and I cringe at the thought of having to ship back clothes and loose out on both shipping to me and shipping back to them if the items I order don't fit. Enter Modcloth who often stock some of Collectif's items and offers free shipping on orders over $50 and only $5 shipping back to them if the items don't work out. :)

Overall, it was a great shopping day on Modcloth :D

Also, for sizing purposes, the Bea and Dot skirt I got in large which fit my 39-31-38, 5'3" frame well! And as mentioned, I ordered the Collectif dress in size large (UK 14)... my usual size from Collectif, which fit me not so well.

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