Monday, June 2, 2014

It's Raining Cats!: The Raining Cats Matey Dress by Heart of Haute

I've been meaning to review this dress for quite some time now!

This is the Matey dress by Heart of Haute in It's Raining Cats which I got from Cats Like Us during their month-long April dress sale! This dress is a sailor style, halter top, fit and flair, A-line dress with a super cute pattern of black cats with red umbrellas on a white background. The contrasting black skirt compliments the black boarder and bow at the bust as well as the black halter straps perfectly. The back is elasticized at the top and there is a back zipper. There is also a black back tie at the waist. I got this dress in my usual size large which proved to be a great fit for my 38-31-38, 5'3" frame. I was a little worried about the length of this dress as this dress seemed to be much shorter than other Heart of Haute dresses from what I could see on the model from the Heart of Haute website as well as from what I could see on Julie Ann from the Cats Like Us website but because I'm short and only stand 5 feet and 3 inches the dress came down to just above my knees which is a good length for me! Super cute dress and just perfect for where I wore it to.... in the next blog post!!!!

Heart of Haute Matey Dress in It's Raining Cats- Front View

Heart of Haute Matey Dress in It's Raining Cats- Side View

Heart of Haute Matey Dress in It's Raining Cats- Back View

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  1. This dress was absolutely made for you with that print surely?! You look lovely in it x

    1. lol. Thanks Porcelina! I do love cat prints! And that it's a cat print sailor style Heart of Haute dress makes it all the better :D