Friday, August 26, 2016

Matching Your Dress To Your Teaware Part 28: Into the Sea

“I am longing to be with you, and by the sea, where we can talk together freely and build our castles in the air.”
Bram Stoker, Dracula

Now that we are at the end of the last full month of the summer, I wanted to end things with a sea themed Perfect Pairing.

Last year Trashy Diva released their Deep Sea Coral print, a gorgeous novelty print. It is everything I love most about novelty prints- it's a little quirky, yet decidedly more mature than other vintage repro novelty prints out there. I love that it's on a dark background and I also love that it isn't too busy, both which help in giving it a somber feeling. This somberness transfers into elegance as one takes in the corals, shells, and minimal sea floor. From the way the print is illustrated, the corals seem to sway gently in this darkest quiet corner of the sea floor. The bubbles in the print give the print just the tiniest touch of whimsy and keeps this quirky somber elegant print fantastical rather than menacing.

Deep Sea Coral print by Trashy Diva- Close Up

Trashy Diva 40's dress in Deep Sea Coral Print

Like the Deep Sea Coral print by Trashy Diva, the Ebb Tide Pink and Turquoise Teapot by Hull found on perfectly illustrates the elegance and beauty of the sea. Moving up from the sea floor, finding ourselves at the shore, an ebb tide occurs between high tide and low tide when water is flowing away from the shore. I image a gentle day as the waves moves up touching the shore, then moves back out tickling the sand, the waves unfailingly crashing and receding, gently swaying and moving. The soft and varied color on this teapot bring to mind an early morning or early evening, like the ebb tide, a moment in between. A little bit quirky and whimsical, yet elegant and so graceful, this teapot is the most genital and refreshing dawn or dusk at the sea embodied.

Hull Ebb Tide Pink and Turquoise teapot, image source,


  1. That dress looks so great on you!! 1940's is the perfect cut on you. And that tea pot is just too darn cute.

  2. Be still my seahorse loving heart, that is truly one of the most resplendently beautiful teapots I've ever seen. I gasped aloud when I saw that photo. Wow, wow and wow again! Perfect match for this gorgeous TD dress (in one of my fave prints that they've ever released).

    Big hugs & tons of happy tail end of August wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. It's so gorgeously elegant isn't it? I can just stare at this pic all day. How I wish I had this teapot in my home. It's such a work of art! <3 Thank you Jessica for the comments! <3

  3. Oh wow, I really adore that teapot and your gorgeous Trashy Diva dress go so perfectly together! xo

  4. Just beautiful. I love the print

  5. I had seen that coral print before and marvelled at just how beautiful it is - it's lovely to see the print in this fab frock modelled beautifully by yourself! And that teapot?! Amazing!! x