Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dress Review: Trashy Diva Loop Dress in Geisha Fans!

So I know it's been a while since I've done a proper dress review but as I see it, it's probably better late than never!

Tim bought me this dress, the Trashy Diva Loop dress in Geisha Fans, as an anniversary present back in March. At first sight I fell in love with the bright colors, and super cute novelty print of the dress, and of course that neckline detail!

Like the Green Kimono print which Trashy Diva released back in November/December of last year, I really love the playfulness of this Asian inspired print which has a serious Taskashi Murakami/Kawaii vibe to it. The dress is a vibrant and beautiful turquoise blue and features a youthful collection of orangy red, coral, white, yellow, and just a touch of lime green and navy flowers, fans, Japanese lanterns, and paper cranes throughout the print.

The neckline detail features a fun and unique loop design. I thought it would all be sewn together but was delighted to see they are in fact two different pieces that are physically looped together! The sleeves of this dress are also pretty unique and have an epaulette style to them.

The cut of this dress from the front looks almost like a pencil cut. It is a lot straighter of a cut than my usual full-flair skirts. Upon farther inspection though, this dress features a bustle skirt in the back which adds some flair to the skirt after all! The back of this dress also features a very flattering scoop neck in contrast to the higher neck line of the front of the dress.

This dress is made of a thick and sturdy cotton material which has lots of stretch to it. I got my usual size in this dress and while it fit, it did feel like it was tighter than is usual for my size in Trashy Diva. I believe they probably cut this dress a little smaller for a tighter fit which is well accommodated by the stretch in the fabric.

Trashy Diva Loop Dress in Geisha Fans- Front View

Trashy Diva Loop Dress in Geisha Fans- Side View

Trashy Diva Loop Dress in Geisha Fans- Back View

Trashy Diva Loop Dress in Geisha Fans- Close Up


  1. Ahhhh, love this on you! Isn't this print just so amazing?! I just bought the Lena top. The background color is my favorite shade of blue, it's just perfect.

    1. These colors are amazing on you Bristol! It's no wonder the background color is your favorite shade of blue :D Such a pretty print for sure!

  2. I love this shade of blue on you...looks so lovely on you! :)

    1. Thanks Camilla! It's definitely a fun spring/summer print :)