Monday, July 13, 2015

Lumpy Friends: Adding Fun Finishing Touches to Some Looks!

While I don't often add too much embellishments to my outfits, I do love the extra finishing touches a cute brooch or sweater clip can make to a look!

So when one of my all time favorite shops, Cats Like Us, asked me if I would be interested in checking out their newest addition to their accessories, super cute felt brooches by Lumpy Buttons, I jumped at the chance! All it took was a quick browse through Lumpy Buttons designs to know these cute little brooches were right up my alley! These super cute brooches are all made in the US, are thick and sturdy, and are not only beautifully embellished with embroidery but many also feature beading!

One of the brooches I picked out was this Cute Pineapple Pin Brooch! I love the Hawaiian and tiki allusion a pop of pineapple conjures in my mind! But I also love pineapples because they always remind me of the song "It Couldn't Please Me More (A Pineapple)" from the musical Cabaret where the guy gives his lady love a pineapple as a token of his love and admiration.

For a matchy matchy look I paired my pineapple with my Collectif Tullulah Tropical Toucan print dress. This sarong style dress is such a perfect match with the pineapple brooch not only because of the tropical theme evident throughout the print and sarong style of the dress, but also because there are pineapples in the print of the dress! So much fun to do it up super matchy matchy!

Cute Pineapple Pin Brooch by Lumpy Buttons from Cats Like Us

For another look I paired the pineapple brooch with my Trashy Diva Zebra Bows Varga dress. What I love about pairing it with this dress is that the pineapple really becomes front and center being the pop of color in the dress! It gives the dress a completely tropical look that's super summery and fun!

When I saw that Cats Like Us were carrying Lumpy Button cat brooches I couldn't resist picking one of these kitties up! Though honestly, I wouldn't have expected anything less of my cat loving friends at Cats Like Us than to ensure there would be some kitties in the mix! <3

While it was a no brainer for me to pick up a kitty brooch, just which one to pick out was a harder decision. These kitties came in lots of color combos and to make it even harder, some had closed eyes with embroidered flowers and some where open eyed with beaded eyes. I ultimately picked the black and red combo (my husband's choice actually ;)) and got the kitty with the closed eyes and embroidered flowers, the Kitty Pin in Girly Red.

In another matchy matchy pairing I paired my kitty brooch with my black and red Retro Dita Dress by Folter. While the colors were a spot on match with this dress, I love that the brooch gives this dress a whimsical kitty element. As the saying goes, put a cat on it! And I don't mind if I do, thank you! <3

Kitty Pin in Girly Red by Lumpy Button from Cats Like Us

Because I was having so much fun playing around with all the pairing options with these brooches, I made up another look, a two in one if you will, with my Trashy Diva Smoked Leopard Cage dress. The smoked leopard dress already has the definite kitty theme going on with the leopard print so I thought it was an obviously adorable pairing to pair the kitty brooch with this dress!

In one look I wore the brooch and dress together with a red vintage bolero. I love how the black and grey of the dress and red of the bolero are glued together by the black and red in the cat brooch. I feel this look has a well-balanced appearance with the grey and black in the dress tied well together with the big pop of red of the red bolero by the addition of this brooch.


In another look I wore the brooch with dress alone without the bolero. When worn together, just the dress and brooch, this brooch adds a perfect pop of color to the dress! Subtle, yet sweet, and all kitty!


  1. I love it! You look darling my dear!!!

  2. Once again all dresses looks so amazing on you, my personal fav though is the collectif sarong dress! Love the little flamingos over it. :)

    1. Thank you Camilla! And it's always fun to hear which is a favorite! <3 <3 <3 I think we are dress twins on this one right? Or do you have this print in a different cut/ this cut in a different print?

    2. This cut in a different print, mine has pink hibiscus flowers over it!

    3. I thought I remembered this cut on you! <3

  3. Obviously, I am a fan of "matchy matchy", ha! I really love the pairing of the pineapple brooch & flaming Collectif dress! I've never seen that dress anywhere before. That leopard cage dress is made for you, what a great shape on you! :)

    1. Thanks Bristol! And hehe! Matchy matchy is so much fun! I actually got super lucky with this Collectif dress on Modcloth one day a while back during one of their sales <3!