Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Making Little Hats! The Return of the DIY Projects!

Hello Kittens!

I hope you all had a good labor day weekend (for those of you in the states) or a good Labour Day weekend (for those of you in Canada) or maybe just a good weekend in general (for those of you elsewhere). :)

I noticed that it's been some time since I last did a DIY post so I figured it was due time for this one!

Making Little Hats!

 1) Start with a fascinator base. I bought this straw base from ebay

2) If the fascinator base doesn't come with one already sew on a snap clip or hair comb

 3) Once the snap clip or hair comb is sewed on hot glue it on to reinforce it.

Be sure to apply the glue only to the edge of the snap or hair comb. You will need the snap or comb to be slightly mobile to put it on your head.

 3) The last step is either the fun step or the tricky part... or maybe it's a little bit of both... adding the decoration.

For this hat I added a bunch of fake fruit to make a Carmen Miranda inspired hat! These pieces of fruit are a collection of foam fruit I bought from ebay, Joann's fabric, and the Japanese dollar store, Daiso.

I sewed all the fruit on to the fascinator base then reinforced them all with a hot glue gun. For the cherries I hot glued two piece together at the stem then sewed the stems onto the fascinator base.

And here is the little fascinator in action!

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