Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Picnic In The Park: Betty's Baby Shower

Hello Kittens!

Last weekend I went out with my girls to Santa Clara to celebrate a friend's baby shower. The weather was perfect, we had a nice comfortable seat in the shade, the food was great, and you really couldn't ask for better company! Congratulations to the happy couple on their new edition!


Lovely Cake Table At Betty and Brady's Baby Shower

The Happy Couple Celebrating Their New Edition

Outfit of the Day:

For this day's festivities I wore the Bettie Page Paradise Dress and a straw cloche hat. For convience and comfort, I paired this with blue flats from Blowfish.

Bettie Page Paradise Dress- Front View

Bettie Page Paradise Dress- Side View

The dress comes with a matching bolero which I brought with me but didn't end up wearing... the weather was perfect for a sundress!

Bettie Page Paradise Dress With Matching Bolero- Front View

Bettie Page Paradise Dress With Matching Bolero- Side View

With Straw Cloche Hat

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