Monday, July 28, 2014

Heart of Haute Cats Go Atomic!

Just last week I gushed about the new Blue Kittens print at Heart of Haute

(You can see my review of their Aline skirt from my post, Cats Where It's At, here.)

Recently, Heart of Haute has been stocking some really amazing and fun novelty print items such as the super popular Peacock prints Peacock Royale and Midnight Peacock, which both feature metallic elements, as well as other prints which have metallic elements such as their Geisha Print, Gold Crane, Odyssey and Odyssey Blue, Sakura, and their all new Gold Fleur De Lis! As much as I am in love with all these super cool and amazing metallic prints what gets me really excited is their many adorably cute and fun cat prints such as their Blue Kittens, It's Raining Cats, and now their Atomic Cats!

I have been seriously waiting for the Atomic Cats to come out ever since I saw their sneak peek of this fabric in March on their Facebook page. When they finally released these kitties there was no hesitation adding them to my cart and checking out!

I picked up the Atomic Cats in their Ella top which is a blouse version counterpart of their Etta dress. The Ella top is a fitted sleeveless blouse with a high neckline which is topped with a bow neck tie. Like the Etta dress it is fitted at the top yet, while it has a front button closure, amazingly the buttons do not pucker! The Atomic Cats is a 100% cotton fabric which feels thick and sturdy. I'm confident this will stand up to many washes. The print features a light turquoisey background with 1950's style sexton-like cat characters on the front. These cool cats come in all colors and patterns. There are striped yellow and gray cats, zigzag orange and black cats, spotted gray and black cats, solid gray cats with green heads, and solid orange cats with striped tails. Also, throughout the fabric are multiple atomic stars in different colors and styles topping off the 1950's vibe to this print!

Heart of Haute Ella Top In Atomic Cats- Front View
Heart of Haute Ella Top In Atomic Cats- Side View

Heart of Haute Ella Top In Atomic Cats- Back View

Heart of Haute Ella Top In Atomic Cats- Front View (Untucked To Show Full Length)

Heart of Haute Ella Top In Atomic Cats- Side View (Untucked To Show Full Length)

Heart of Haute Ella Top In Atomic Cats- Back View (Untucked To Show Full Length)

Heart Of Haute Ella Top In Atomic Cats- Close Up

The fit is amazing and the style, print, and quality do not disappoint! My usual size large fit like a dream on my 39"-31"-38" frame.
Loved this top so much I decided to wear it out for the day so this post is not only a Dress Review post but also an Outfit of the Day!

With so many amazing prints this year I'm seriously having a hard time picking and choosing which prints to bring home! Hopefully, I'll be able to add even more of these amazing Heart of Haute pieces to my collection before they sell out!


  1. That print IS super cute- I can see why you snatched it up quickly! :-) And I love the style of the blouse- I've been thinking about making something similar, but haven't gotten around to it yet. ;-)

    1. Hi Lily! Thanks for checking out my blog! I love your blog, Mode De Lis!!! Your most recent dress is amazing by the way. I love the black piping against that 50's novelty print! :D I would love to see you do a similar blouse as this... or perhaps something with this print? ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Porcelina! I really love these retro cats! Like you said, they're so fun! :D

  3. I find this brand so hard to get hold of in the UK - which is a shame as they have such nice pieces! The print on this is just amazing (although as a dog person, I'd prefer a canine variety ;) )

    1. Hi CiCi! That is too bad Heart Of Heart is so hard to get a hold of in the UK... have you looked into buying directly from them and having it shipped? Not sure how bad the shipping price will be though... I bought from the brand Collectif directly in the UK and have had them shipped to me and shipping was crazy high though really quick... but I've also bought from another UK dealer, Cath Kidston and shipping from the UK was cheaper than I would have even expected within the US so sometimes shipping can just go both ways... really high or not so bad... If you sign up for HoH's email mailing list or like them on facebook you will be updated on sales... I especially like it when they have sales on sales for their "slightly damaged" items... which I find usually means something really minor. I've got dresses from them for only $25-30 that were normally $88-90 so that might help out on the shipping :)

      Anyhow, thanks for checking out my blog! :D I do love this print! And yes, for the puppy people it's too bad they don't have an Atomic Pup! ;)

  4. Love this shirt on you! It's sooo cute. I haven't ordered any shirts from Heart of Haute yet.
    I just looked under the "coming soon" section of Heart of Haute's wesite, and I love the pink harlequin print! I hope that will come out in a skirt, too :)

    1. Thanks Bristol. I love this print. I think it's one of the best cat prints I've ever seen! This is the first year I've ever bought any of Heart of Haute's shirts and skirts. The quality and design is just as good as their dresses! I have my eye on their black and red houndstooth Ella top next. I couldn't find the pink harlequin print. Hopefully I will see it on your blog soon. ;)

    2. You're welcome! I don't own any cat print items yet, but I should :)
      You can find the pink harlequin print this way: when you go to the website, go to the top right where it says "collections", click on that, then it brings you to a new page, click on "coming soon". And on the second page is the Pink Harley dress. (Harlequin print.) :)

    3. Oh yes, I saw the Pink Harley Monique dress. For some reason I was looking for a Pink Harley top and Pink Harley skirt. My mistake... I misunderstood your post. Yes separates in the Pink Harley would be awesome!! I hope they do make it!