Monday, June 23, 2014

National Pink Day, Pink Tea!

June 21st officially marked the first day of summer... Not only that, but June 23rd marks National Pink Day! I figured that both make for a good reason to have a pink tea!

Actually, the fact that National Pink Day is today, on June 23rd, was a complete coincidence to choosing June 21st to have a pink tea. But it was fun knowing we were getting on in the celebrations and I do like to think on how great a coincidence it was to have Pink Tea around National Pink Day!

What is National Pink Day you may ask? Apparently, according to National Pink Day occurs every year on June 23rd and is a day to celebrate the color pink whether by wearing it, eating it, drinking it, etc. Why you may ask? I suppose the answer to that is why not...?

In any case, my friends, Wendy and Betty, and I had a great time getting decked out in our most striking pink attire while enjoying a tablescape of pink profusion. For this tea outing I got out my Royal Albert New Country Roses Pink tea set, laid out a pink polka dot sheer overlay tablecloth, and made sure there was plenty of pink to be seen on the tea table!

Welcome To My Tea Table!
A Pink Garden Tea Spread
Pink Polka Dots, Pink Tea Table
3 Tiered Plate Of Tea Sandwiches, Savories, and Strawberry Shortcakes
Pink For All the Eye To Feast On
Pink Tea with Royal Albert New Country Roses Pink
Ladies In Pink Enjoying A Pink Tea
My Friends and I at Pink Tea
Betty and I
Wendy and I

The tea menu started with a cranberry scone with strawberry preserves, lemon curd, and homemade whipped cream. For tea sandwiches we had turkey and swiss with honey mustard on country white bread, deviled egg salad sandwiches on country white bread, and chicken, pecan and cranberry salad sandwiches on wheat bread. For savories we had mushroom turnovers, spanakopitas, and pastry bites with feta cheese and caramelized onions. For the dessert course we had strawberry shortcakes, petite fours, and dark chocolate cherry cordials. Wendy also brought cupcakes! Our cupcake options were birthday cake, peanut butter and toffee crunch, and snicker doodle. The tea of the day was orange spice black tea.

It was a fine tea with great company, a delicious tea spread, and good weather. What more could be asked of a Pink Tea to mark the first day of summer and celebrate National Pink Day!

Outfit of the Day: 

What was my outfit of choice for this fine pink tea you may ask?

For this outing I wore the Ginger dress by Pinup Girl Clothing with Gabriella Rocha peach flats

Pinup Girl Couture Ginger Dress- Front View
Pinup Girl Couture Ginger Dress- Front View
Pinup Girl Couture Ginger Dress- Side View
Spot of Tea?


  1. You certainly know how to put on a good spread! And the pink theme is wonderfully pretty and summery. The pink dress looks as sugary as some of those edible treats! x

  2. Aren't we so classy? Thanks for putting on this tea. It was fun!

    1. Hi Wendy! Yes, it was a fun day! Thank you for being the cupcakes. They were delicious! :)

    2. BTW, LOVED your pink gingham dress! <3