Friday, June 27, 2014

Matching Your Dress To Your Teaware

I love playing around with teaware and getting matchy matchy. 

I love setting up a tablescape with full matching sets including a matching teapot, creamer, sugar, bread and butter plate, salad plate, dinner plate, serving platter, three-tiered plate... If only all my teapots came with full matching sets!

I get so excited when I find a serving spoon that fits in just perfectly with a tea set or my special occassion dinnerware!

Oh, how I just love coordinating my pieces and getting matchy-matchy!

So how could I not get excited when I found a dress that matches so perfectly with a tea set in my collection! I mean, how awesome would that be to wear a dress that match with your teaware?!

Not only does the Estate House Floral dress from Ruche match perfectly with my Tea For One by Grace Tea Ware previously shown in the post, A Tyme For Tea, but it's also a beautiful and darling dress in itself! This dress is constructed with a flowy chiffon material and comes fully lined! The bold colors of this dress are vivid yet, the dramatic turquoise blue is calming like the color of the sea at a perfect tropical beach. The feminine floral motifs and the dainty pleating at the waist farther enhances the dainty and charming feel of this dress. I love how this dress is so perfect in the pairing of all it's components: its fabric, its color, it's pattern and it's structure. Combine that with how well it matches the Grace Tea Ware Tea for One and it becomes magical! The teal color of the dress with its reddish pink and yellow flowers perfectly mirrors the colors and pattern of the tea for one. Seeing these two together gives my heart such a flutter!

So gorgeous and fun at the same time! What do you all think? Love?

Tea For One By Grace Tea Ware
The Estate House Floral Dress Available At Ruche, photo from

Time For Tea with Grace Tea Ware's Tea For One

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